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In case you didn’t see the tweet about it I love how Tumblr displays an art archive.

There isn’t a regular Hal Jordan to be had within miles of here.  I’m not sure if kids just love Green Lantern, or what, but it’s weird costume versions, second stringers, or nothing.   I hope it’s that kids love the movie.

There’s nearly no Captain America figures either.  It’s only a smattering of comic series ones.  I’m curious about what the base Captain America figure will look like.  Does he only fight in Hitler times in the movie?  I’m totally assembling the Avengers on my desk.  Right now it loots like two robots and a hippie formed a Kiss cover band…  I guess if you add in Cap you’ll have an alternate universe Village People.

All the stores out here skipped over a section of Transformers in favor of shitty movie figures.  Which is totally lame because I was looking forward to a few of the old school characters still.  I should be happy I got any at all.


I work at a Dunkin Donuts and in food service I totally get what Thomas is talking about. Most customers you couldn’t give two shits about, you only remember them when you get their order in drive-thru or see them walk in because you hate having to serve them but want to do it right so they don’t bitch or what have you and just leave fast. But then you have the rare regulars that are really nice and interesting people that you hear their order, or see them and you make sure you’re the one that makes it right for them and gets to bring it to them and make their day and get to talk to them for a bit/

Yeah, I feel your annoyance in the Transformers area. I was really looking forward to Warpath and those tiny versions of Megatron and Optimus (legends series? I can never remember the different scale names). I don’t usually go hunting online for things if I can’t find them in stores, so I’ve sorta resigned myself to not ever finding them.

As for the Cap, a friend of mine reviews a bunch of figures – including the base movie version – right here: http://www.zedsjoesite.com/review/capa/cap.html

He was pretty impressed with ’em, and I think I may make that my standard Cap instead of a comic version.

The Captain America movie is an origin story so it takes place during the Second World War and showcases Hydra. The Red Skull is certaintly in it as are Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos.

Since the recent Marvel movies with the exception of the fox owned x-men and sony owned Spidermen take their cues from the Ultimate series Nick Fury is black and modeled after Samuel L Jackson.
Yes Samuel L Jackson is in the Captain America movie.

Now they are starting production on the Avengers movie which will have Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk, and Thor as well as Nick Fury.

Contradictory info on wheter Ant-Man and Wasp will be in the movie exists however the movies about those two characters will come after the Avengers movie.

Oh Tony Stark’s father is in the Captain America movie since the Iron Movie and Iron Man 2 dropped hints (note some hints were in bonus material) also a deleted scene from the Incredible Hulk had Hulk bouncing around the artic and uncovering the frozen Captain America you just saw his shield briefly.

Now I don’t know if they have Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker, Emil Zola or Baron Zemo in the Captain America movie or just reference them.

Don’t know if you’ve tried there (or if you’re one of the folk morally opposed to shopping there in the first place), but Walmart has a number of Transformer exclusives for this movie. Sentinel Prime and the Deluxe Optimus, for certain. Not sure about others.

Gotcha. I’m jealous you have shops who sell anything other than movie or the horror that was ‘Transformers Animated’.

@Ed Casey: Took me until you saying that to realise what the other comments were on about. I am le shamed.

I liked some of the animated toys. Seems like the bigger they got the worse they got though…

We missed the last waves of those too.

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