1805 Effing With.

I was feeling pretty good yesterday, but today not so much. The dizzy feeling was pretty strong, but I don’t know why. I’m also very sore today and I don’t think I slept very well. I’m really really sick of feeling sick. I wish I knew what I needed to do to fix myself.

I dunno. I’m sick of talking too.


Everyone has something wrong with them. We can only hope we can find a way to fix it without killing ourselves. Hope you feel better.

Dammit, where are the sweet cyborg bodies science-fiction promised us? We are supposed to be able to upload our brains into immortal robot shells by now.

In short, you have my sympathy.

Watch Galaxy Express 999 and ask yourself again if that is something you really want.

I prefer ghost in the shell myself. Would be nice to have a fully prosthetic body. As long as I can afford the maintance. So Jackie if you don’t mind me asking what do you have?

Seen the first movie, read part of the original comic.
Leiji Matsumoto has a distinct style that I love(even if most of his women look exactly the same). He also has a distinct view on life, one I don’t necessarily agree with.

In this case, Matsumoto’s not alone. Sci-fi and fantasy are full of stories about how the human condition is perfect how it is and improving it will only ruin society. We don’t want to be better we are now, have sensors that weren’t part of the base trim package, live longer than the OEM parts allow, it will only corrupt us and make us evil and/or weak. When other races that are stronger, longer-lived, with better senses and psychic powers and magical gifts show up, humanity is better than them precisely BECAUSE of our limitations.
It is all a big load of apologetic horse crap to make people feel better about themselves.

No one writing these stories wants to get rid of centuries of medicine and technology that have brought us to the wildly artificial lifestyle and grossly inflated life expectancies we have now. The inbuilt assumption is always that a SPECIFIC AMOUNT of artificiality is needed and it is sheer coincidence that it aligns nicely to whatever era the person writing the story is from. So basically, they’re all hypocrites.

Except the amish. They practice what they preach.

Yeah, it’s like people who talk about “natural” like it’s the be-all and end-all of everything. You want natural? Strip naked and live in a cave. And you better not let me catch you using anything more advanced than a sharpened stick, buster!

Technically, by that philosophical argument, we’re already evil and weak because we’ve already invented many things throughout history that improved our lives. Humans by nature will always strive to improve and won’t give a damn about what others think so much so as they can show that what can be done can be done.

This isn’t about philosophy, it’s about determination and passion.

We’re not evil and weak because of invention. We’re intelligent, creative, and determined to use those traits to make a better life.

Personally, I am passionate about shedding the bonds of the frail sack of meat I was born in and upgrading to something that isn’t garbage-tier.

If we’re going to upgrade ourselves to something that is not garbage tier, it may be done only as a means of continual survival and/or for the sake of immunity should we choose to explore the farther regions of outer space.

But now, we’re delving into Doctor Who Cyberman territory here.

Ed’s filling her with joy and more besides.

Yeah…..apparently the same kind of joy a cat experiences playing with a mouse.

It amazes me how much Ed gets shat upon in this comic.

So, by this impression, Nina ultimately wants to just friendzone Ed?

But the kiss and everything….:(

Nah, it’s just that they haven’t yet, but Nina really wanted to use the sweet wordplay. I believe she has every intention of making it true at some point.

Hey Jackie, saw your question in the Twitter sidebar: “If knowledge is power, then why don’t smart people rule the world?”

Science has the answer! It’s because the idiots have all the money.

Here’s the proof:

We know from physics that power (P) = work (W) divided by time (t)

P = W/t

And we know that knowledge (K) is power, and time is money ($).


K = W/$

Solving for $:

$ = W/K

So, the more knowledge you have, the less money you’re paid. :)

(Stole that one from Car Talk.)

Wanting to get better and it not being straightforward, or easy… it is frustrating. I used to try to just… not blame myself for not being better… but mostly, I just… it doesn’t matter. I am not well, and that does not feel good and it is frustrating. When that’s in my face, it’s going to suck.

And that helps it go faster so I can get back to what little I can do. I think. Maybe I’m fooling myself, but fuck it, placebo is better than nothing.

I always seem to particularly enjoy the exchanges between Thomas and Nina… well all the characters, but I guess today its Thomas and Nina, so I enjoy it more…?

Dude, you want a weighted blanket? I’ll send you one if you want it. And drink only water, it’ll be hard (just water after soda or coffee or anything is boring), but its a wonder.

I have just had occasion to do an archive dig (wanted to verify that Nina & Ed have not indeed done the deed – yet), and you know what? All the titles of the pages just tickle me, Jackie. It took me a while to find the pages I wanted, but I sure did enjoy that journey.
So thank you for that.

Well I dont know but try pesticide free food and detox with boron. To me hardest part living here is not poisoning yourself slowly with the mostly antagonizing food products.

Also another nugget of my great wisdom: people are mammals, all mammals run. They only walk to graze. If all you do is sit and walk your body thinks its dying.

What else. Nah thats all I got. Oh maybe a multivitamin from NOW, good cheap brand. Bipolar take some micro dose of Lithium already pointed out (Nieper brand). Its really an essential trace mineral but thats another story.

(I really hate to try to give advice, but I feel you should have some options to pursue). If you are desperate: body actually does fix itself as far as possible during fasting (only drinking water no food). You can read up on it, see Herbert Shelton fasting. He got one thing right and thats his fasting arguments, others not so much. Anything inflamed will heal. Now this is, today at least, pretty extreme, and anybody around you will think you’re insane. Just throwing it out there. Good luck, great comic.

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