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I saw The Secret Of Kells the other night. It’s strange. For a movie I’d never seen I spent the whole time thinking I’d seen it before. There’s just something bizarrely familiar about it. I’m not sure if it was the style, or the story, that was the main culprit. The thing was like the perfect storm of deja vu. Which is not to say it was bad, or unoriginal. It just felt like I’d already seen it. I hadn’t even heard of it till a few months ago. Apparently I won awards at some point in time. No one ever talked about it that I knew, I never saw it going around theatres. Somehow it slipped beneath my radar. If I had to quickly describe it to someone I’d say it looks like Princess Mononoke and Samurai Jack had a baby. Which seems almost insulting now that I see it spelled out like that. While it is beautiful to look upon I think that part of the high praise it gets comes from the people praising it being underexposed to animation. Which also sounds more critical that I mean it to. It’s just a strange film to me. Somehow it manages to be fresh and worn, and unique and average, at the same time.

I had a dream where I was really early to a graduation ceremony. They had laid out all these coins on the tables, in long troughs basically, for people to take for some reason. So I gathered as many up in garbage bags as I could and made off with them. Then I spent hours wandering around trying to find my car (I don’t own a car, I have a truck in reality.) which was never where I thought it should be. Eventually I ended up wandering around a deserted mall, carrying heavy sacks of random coins. Just before I woke up I had settled down in a dusty lounge area before trying to find my car again.


I think it’s healthy for Brooksie, if not entirely appropriate. She seems to need a lot more interaction than she’s been getting.

I also saw Secret of Kells as sort of a dream (even after seeing the real book and knowing all the history). The art style was very Samurai Jack and possessed its own European flair, but the music never seemed to be very good/outstanding. Maybe that negatively affected our opinion…

Haven’t watched it yet, not all the way, at least, but I have seen a clip and, now that you mention it, it reminds me of The Thief and the Cobbler or Arabian Knight or whatever you want to call it.

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