622 Thanks, Reggie.

As far as I can tell I’ve repaired the archives so that you don’t get trapped in the blog if you run across extra content.  They are separated out.  You can get to the comic from the blog, but I think the comic is locked off from the blog.  So I should stop getting emails and comments about why I haven’t updated since last year…  All the holiday images are in the blog now, which has no archive per se, so you just have to navigate backwards one by one.  Unless you are clever enough to change the URL, or something I’m not aware of.


As a new reader of your wonderful comic I had to finally say that I have enjoyed reading the whole story from start to this point and am looking forward to finding out how Jo’s movie idea is going to pan out.
Well done! And keep up the great work both artistically and authorly! (?) Yeah it’s a real word… in my mind anyway.

I just got to 305 end of the first day. You are one of the most amazing story writers, and your artistic talent isn’t too shabby either. I really appreciate the work you’ve done and I can really identify with the stories. You should be a lot more famous. You’re up there with sequential art and Least I could do.

I feel like I should be more famous too… XD Seriously though, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Thanks for reading.

I’m already trying to spread it to my webcomic-savvy friends. But alas, not many people can appreciate good writing. I mean hell, you crammed 622 strips into two days of time in the comic (i think. maybe 3?). That takes a huge amount of literary talent. I wish I could borrow your brain for my english final :/

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