715 So Dark.

Japan has way better presents in their Nintendo club than America. I was entering in a code from a present and took notice of haw lame the bulk of the trade prizes are. Playing cards, folding fans… Lame. In Japan I hear you can get the soundtrack to Mario Galaxy 2. That game had a sweet score. I wants it. I do not want colorful styluses for outdated DS systems. I recognize that these are forlorn desires, but there you go.

The year end prizes have been okay. Last year you could choose between something dumb and a statue of the Mario cast. I don’t even remember the other option. Before that it was a hat and a down loadable game. Or part of a game at any rate.


I thought “‘spectral hands'” was gonna be a hard joke to top, especially as I visualized full air quotes, but you beat the odds sir.

Honestly, the “Nobody is going to be petting anybody else tonight…heavy or otherwise” finished it perfectly for me

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