610 Same Difference.

The other day I was looking through the app store on iTunes and saw that Angry Birds was very popular, but even for a dollar I was hesitant to just buy it because the mob was in to it.  Luckily there was a trial version.  If you don’t have a trial version of your app on iTunes you should be struck about the head, and neck, with a tack hammer.  Unless your app sucks.  In that case just put it up there and get what you can before the mob turns on you. Anyway, it’s a cool game for a dollar.  You try to kill pigs and break stuff by launching birds at them with a slingshot.  Some of the levels are very difficult.  The trial and error is kind of fun though.  The physics of the game are pretty good, but sometimes things will just slowly roll or slide for really long periods of time.  Of course that means that once in a while when you think you’ve lost a pig will slowly roll to its doom.  I played it today when I was waiting at the store.  It’s perfect for that kind of thing. I was trying to show it to my mom, and I had it on a level that I couldn’t clear, but my random launching of birds ended up working…  I even got the highest rank.  I was like :O I didn’t get any of the Iron Man toys from the first movie.  They were too big.  If it isn’t a Transformer it’s much harder to get me to buy a big toy these days.  The Iron Man 2 series solved that problem.  They are just about G.I. Joe size and all the characters from both films are represented.  I got the Mark IV armor, I think.  I might get War Machine later on.  They are pretty well done.  You have to dig a little for one with good paint though, and some have pretty bad defects in the plastic, so beware. War Machine was just coming into his own when I started getting into comics.  I was never much for American stuff, but there was a standee of War Machine in the local comic store for a long time.  So I kind of associate him with that point in time.  A time when collector covers dominated pegs and Rob Liefeld roamed the Earth…


I think you left out “…and Spawn hid in the shadows and suckerd you for your money.” Ah, good times.

Those were some crazy days. Everyone thought they were going to get rich selling hoarded copies of X-Men. Except that doesn’t work if everyone else in the world hoards the same ones…

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