561 It Is In Some Places.

Those of you who don’t read Ginger’s Bread, or follow my twitter feed, will most likely not have seen the crossover that happened.  I think it’s funny, or perhaps even sad, that nearly every crossover art thing I’ve gotten has shown more of the store than appears in any of the actual comic…  XD    Anyway, I welcome you to enjoy it none the less.

I redid the links page so that people can get an idea of what they may be getting into should they decide to venture to any of the destinations held therein.  It’s not pretty on a lot of levels, but it functions.  Much like the site as a whole.


Boy, Reggie isn’t getting any love any wheres. Before he decided to let Reggie train the new hire, I had thought Mike had broken him. Come on, Thomas! Finish him! Flawless Victory!

Heh, the Ginger’s Bread crossover is how I came to find this amazing webcomic! Truly great job, the comic is way excellent and is definitely going on my list of webcomics to pester people to read!

My favorite part about this weekend was the crossover on Friday, the trying to figure out my site upgrade over the weekend, the site reaching the chaotic upgrade phase just before midnight, and then getting linked. Truly, a half complete site is how I want to impress people. By the by, I think it’s mostly done now. It’s a bit prettier now!

Also, woo! Top (minus linkback) link spot! *thumbs up*

In all fairness… the problem kicked off majorly because Ed confronted Reggie, rather than the other way around. The mockery of the nametag was what kicked it all off.
Strange how everyone seems to be forgetting that.

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