1134 Oh Man.

Things are getting complex for little Jo.

This page was very nearly late because I was set upon by the teen and one of her friends. It was some kind of school fire tonight, which got her blood up. So, filled with malicious humors, she invaded my work space. Mostly in an attempt to find movies she would watch, which is not easy as our tastes deviate after a point. In any even I overcame this adversity.

In other teen related news, I gave her Call of Duty… 2? For her birthday. Maybe Black Ops 2? I don’t know the COD games. They’ve never been my thing. That said, she has recruited me to play multiplayer a few times already, and there is a zombie mode that we have failed at several times. In all honesty we failed every time, but the goal is to fail after a longer time each time. In that aspect we have also failed…

Anyway, I was surprised by how good COD was in general. I can see how it has done so well as a series. I always preferred Halo, but whatever. I may have to consider buying some version of it so we can play shoot em up in space as well as in Usbeckybeckybeckystan.


Hey Crave

Long time reader/first time commenter; I gotta say Between Failures is one of my favorite webcomics(it’s been apart of my daily webcomic roundup which includes QC and Misfile). I been really enjoying it. I think the reason I got into this comic(aside from the art style) was the fact that all the characters in the comic are very human, have good and bad qualities and for the most part, are people I wish i knew but were too shy to talk to.

COD’s pretty fun(though the online MP can get frustrating at times) though I still consider Halo the better series primarily for the great local co-operative campaign and vehicle combat. That said, COD is still a fun game to play with friends and whatnot locally or online just that it could benefit from having a local co-op story campaign like in the Halo series.

Glad to see you commenting, Chronicler. Let’s take a closer look at the falls (tell me honestly if you don’t get the reference).

I agree with you on Misfile- it’s been a long-time favorite of mine. How is QC- I never actually read it. I personally recommend El Goonish Shive, because, quite frankly, it’s the “Pok√©mon of webcomics-it’s very hard not to like, and most complaints against it are nitpicks” (a certain review).

Personally, I never really got into either. TimeSplitters was always the shooter for me. Comedy, actual variation in gameplay, maps made a difference, and a wide selection of characters. Too bad Free Radical isn’t making another under their new name (Crytek).

Also: Brooksie looks flustered. So easy to get her excited, it’s both cute and slightly funny. And a little pathetic, but YMMV.

Oooh, strong agreement on EGS, though I find that analogy flawed. The last time I enjoyed a pokemon game was…. 2nd gen. How is misfile these days? I think the last time I was current was 4 years ago, but I remember enjoying it.

I read QC, Misfile and EGS. And Between Failures obviously. I like them all.

Misfile is as it was. Its focus has drifted a bit more to character at little away from cars and racing but those topics are always waiting in the wings. Emily and Ash are closer.

Questionable Content —how does one sum up QC? First: Read it. It’s one of the best webcomics you will ever find. It’ a gang of oddball character who are somehow a family in the same way Between Failures is. But everybody has a bit of self-aware wit such as you get with Thomas here. The art has evolved a whole bunch and continues to.

I have read EGS and do enjoy it quite a bit(though I need to read through the comic from the beginning). EGS is one of those web comics where it’s very easy to get into and very hard to miss things since Dan shive has links to elements from earlier comics that he reference in the current story which is helpful for a casual reader like myself.

Timesplitters is a classic(particularly Timesplitters 2) I had a lot of fun playing that game with friends back in high school. One series I’d love to see make a return(Though I have my doubts that it will) is the Star wars:battlefront series which was another game i played a lot with friends back in the day.

I do enjoy RPGs but it took longer to get into that genre than a lot of people that got into that genre(first RPG was Tales of Symphonia) but it’s a game genre that has grown on me become one of my favorites.

el goonish is great, go get a roomie is kind of fun, girl genius is a gas, and bloomin’ faeries is funny as well, but, out of all of the webcomics, I’m finding that Between Failures has me checking up on it the most often, just to see if there’s been an early update. loving that jess nibbled brooksie, loving that brooksie enjoyed it, and am sort of rooting for a brooksie/nina/ed combo platter…

this last section has made me realize what the author meant when he tweeted about scripting lots of embraces even though he hates doing them.

Oh dear. My sense of humor is trying to come out again. That means it’s past my bedtime. Just be warned. I already typed this post before this disclaimer. It is written with wry bemusement rather than heavy amounts of snoot.

Hey, Crave. I’m a long-time reader and a long-time poster. I’m a big fan of the written post you put under your comics. Your comic is actually pretty cool, too. The comments section is about as close to a forum as I get anymore, so I still hang around.

I played much Quake. Especially the Thunderwalker Quake mod. This was back in the mid-to-late 90’s. Unreal Tournament and then Battlefield 1942 got me for a significant number of years each. Then I realized I didn’t like how motion sick FPS games made me, so I kind of stopped playing them.

I did play Halo all the way through, but none of the sequels. I felt a little cheated because I had already played Half-Life, and I was annoyed that the big bad were head crab swarms.

I was also a little perplexed by Halo’s insistence than assault rifles should have random accuracy within a small circle and that pistols are the de facto sniper weapon, until you actually get a sniper rifle.

Then, I just simply started to really suck at FPSes and began to care less and less.

Now I play Animal Crossing and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. I don’t even do it every day. I started blaming school for this.

You probably know (or ignored) much of this because I have been posting for so long.

I also apologize for mocking the long-time readers, first-time posters. Well, sort of. I apologize in the personal sense because I mean nothing by it on a person-by-person basis. I’m just making fun of the fact that so many people are so eager to talk about them being a first-time poster.

I’m the kind of person who would have done it, too. It just amuses me for some reason.

I just looked up “bemusement.” It’s not the correct word. Ugh. I’m stopping now.

I think that it’s more that long time readers like letting authors know they’ve been following and it’s a more reasonable term than shortening “fanatic” then there’s also the newspaper advise column reference to it as well.

Poor Jo. Though I’m surprised who Carol is to Tom didn’t come up.

I have never been able to tell the call of duties apart; I’ve always been an action adventure fan, and only very recently due to my husband am I even getting into Halo (which, I actually… like) and Mass Effect (also a good play).

Also, next piece of fan art is up.http://xjaneogx.deviantart.com/art/Fan-Art-Twig-401438769

At this point, it’s still not anyone’s business. Well, not so much that, as it is risky for that info to get out. Thomas and Carol are still co-workers. There are an awful lot of sets of ears in the store right now. Jo and Jess might be trustworthy, but the fewer who know, the better, from their point of view.

If it weren’t a company policy, I’m sure everyone would know by now. It is company policy, though, so they’re trying to keep from getting fired.

The last layer of this onion has to do with Dawn. He doesn’t want her to know about this. Her reaction would piss him off colossally. His nerves have already been taxed on two fronts. If he were smart, he’d run straight to Mike and tell him he’s going home. But, Thomas isn’t as smart as he is prideful, so I don’t see that happening.

Agreed on all points, but I suppose I’m thinking of myself. When it comes to my own, personal secrets I am terrible. I have this crazed penchant for honesty when it would only be protecting myself to keep secrets, and the kind of thing like, someone is flirting with my secret boyfriend no! could possibly be enough for me to spill the beans.

I also suppose I thought everyone did know at this point, but thinking back, I’m wrong. Only Nina, Carol, and Thomas KNOW, and while the rest might speculate, it’s not going to be talked about.

Borderlands 2 is a pretty solid local coop choice. There are several classes that are easier to play, and if you and the teen enjoy it there are several dlcs that add a few more hours each.

Uhhhh, i’m going to have to disagree on that. Online or system link definitely, local not so much unless you have a massive tv. The biggest problem i found was that while in split screen the inventory menu gets cut in half. You have to kind of angle it and set the split scree to vertical to make it kind of work. For instance i have a 24 inch tv and i had trouble playing it with my buddy because of this.

Zombie mode is pretty rough, the best stage to practice on is the farm. Stay near the truck and wait for the zombies to come towards you for the first few waves. Also don’t squander your ammo in the first few. You can knife them in the first round, 2&3 hit them a few times with the pistol then knife them. Don’t bother with the olympia shotgun hanging on the wall. It loses effectiveness somewhere between the 6th and 10th round. So really you’re just wasting points. Now the M14 in other stages is a different story, around about the 3rd wave you want to get it because it’s has a decent clip, good effective range, and it’ll last you till you’re ready to get a box weapon.

The trick to the game is to continously be building up your points through kills and rebuilding barriers, getting the perks, get the galvaknuckles (as it replaces your knife plus it’s a one hit kill with no ammo loss until late in the game), and lastly get a good box weapon. If you go to the city, add in pack a punch your weapons before the 10th wave.


I think that’s probably as much attention as our little nerd has received in one dose in her lifetime.

Well, she’s implied strongly that she’s had sex before. Depending on who she was with, this might be a little more… what’s the word… affectionate than she’s had before. I know not all guys are like this, but it is possible that she hasn’t experienced this much affection from someone so quickly.

Yeah, that may be it. Jess is getting into Jo’s comfort zone really fast, and this fact might be what is kind of making Jo uneasy.

At this stage, Jo’s reservations are probably having to do with not thinking that another girl could do this kind of thing to her and make it appealing.

Conjecture is over. Yawnitz with sleep is a little less wordy, and a bit less out there.

If you do get a Halo get Halo Reach.
It’s more co-op friendly than the other version thanks to it’s expansive firefight options. It’s got a nice self contained story as well, just don’t expect to “win” it’s not that kind of story.

I see one of two outcomes, (I’m sure there are an infinite number, but these are the two general ones I expect it to come down to) either A. Jess’ attitude helps her become more outgoing, and have a very drastic personality change, becoming a more ‘liberated’ or ‘open’ person.

And/or B. Jo develops feelings for Jess, and then becomes upset/depressed when Jess inevitably moves on to her next crush/toy, also causing a drastic personality change, possibly for the negative and becoming more introverted.

Halo has always been my preferred game, more so over COD. Just, more fun for me.

Also, I feel like I know Jo’s feelings in each other panels here.

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