456 Wayne Brady.

The other night I had a dream about a bunch of kids putting on a play about mice.  I was one of the kids, but I didn’t want to be in the play and they forced me to take part.  So I didn’t learn my lines and drug my feet, but still they wouldn’t find someone else.  At the dress rehersal I didn’t really know what was going on, or why anyone was doing anything, and then they were like “Why didn’t you learn any of your lines?”  and I was all “I told you I didn’t want to be in your stupid play.”  Then they were all panicing and throwing a fit because no one else knew my part.  I didn’t feel bad because I told them not to include me, but they forced me into it.  Woke up before they decided what to do. 


First off: Just found this comic. love it.

second off: this cannot end well for Reggie

third off: keep up the good work or i will skin your cat alive.

no really

nah i keed. i luffs kitties… i would probly just wind up hugging it and saying “awwwww de widdle kitty is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

i really gotta stop staying up so late.

ANYWAY keep up the good work

Heh, funny stuff. I actually had that play thing happen to me for real as a little kid. My church was throwing the christmas pageant and I was suppose to be a shepard or something. I instisted I would do a much better job if I was awarded the role of darkwing duck instead (an old disney cartoon). I was forced to do the role anyway, but I don’t remember the play very well; just the burning animosity I felt towards the director and her asinine casting (kind of ironic for a church play really).

^_^ My boyfriend who lives in Garden intorduced me to this comic tonight and I loves it! Looking forward to the next page ^^

RAWR! All these people are so well informed of pop culture references! It’s like… it’s like a store of ME working together.

Lmao. Man that was the best thing i could ever possibly imagine a woman saying those words out of her mouth. God…hilarious

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