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I try not to do super self indulgent pages very often, but I let myself have one for this page because of a lot of reasons, not least of which is that adding Alex was kind of something I did as kind of a “fuck you” to a lot of people. She’s been well received & accepted since day one basically & I knew she would be, because a good character can fit in almost anywhere. Even if she started out as a anthropomorphic catgirl.

Later on, when people go back and read this all in a go, this will cap off the scene nicely & they won’t have to wait a day for more story to come after.


Alex was originally a cat Girl?

Cosplaying and trying to get Jo to do it too. I’m sorry that I can’t give you an exact number, I tried hopping through the archive but I have missed it

Looks like Alex has made her choice. Sorry, John, but you did have your chance.

Alex has enough love in her for two men.

I thought John indicated he didn’t want to do that again. I mean, I don’t know if he considers Reggie a friend (like in the previous situation), but it’d put a strain on the mere work-get-alongness they have.

I don’t view this as a self-indulgent page; this is letting the story breathe, taking a well-earned moment. This is a big deal for Reggie, and maybe for Alex as well.

And I’m a sucker for romance. 5/5 would read again.

Thank you for making one of my favorite comics.

What about John?

What about him? Thomas is right about him, dude can let things not working out for him roll right over him. He even knows he missed his “shot”, and wether he gets another one isn’t up to him anymore.

Honestly, even a relationship getting off to a good start here doesn’t mean him and Alex are doomed, either. Life is long and the comic will hopefully be similarly so.

Dang, Reggie has BOTH library girls going for him! I’d feel bad for him if Jackie hadn’t already set the foundation for him and Reggie’s sister (forgot name, sorry) so things will likely work out well for both!

Is there a pair for everybody in the main cast?
We have:
Thomas and Carol
Ed and Nina
Jo and Jessica
Reggie and Alex

Who’s left?
Wes (whom we haven’t seen in a while).

Brian, I’m in a big brain-twist (like wringing out a wet bath towel), about some of the characters.
Some customers (may/might) could have put Wes into the dumpster while he was taking out the trash bags.
John .May. believe that the comic’s author has someone waiting for him in the wings, and so he is idling his time waiting for the new character to show up. That may be wishful thinking in his part, I think he would do better to pursue someone.
And while Mike may be perfect for someone, he may not feel that anyone could be attracted to him. I love Thomas the most, (well, next to Jo, I mean come ON!) but while I love Thomas’ character the best, the one that hurts my heart the most is Mike. Mike is not well treated by The Company, I see the reasons he’s there, but the tearing sound between his intelligence and his skill set hurts my heart. He intends to do his best, and it is never enough to overcome the hex spell that Corporate has in store for him (pun in ten did). It’s like there’s a little rain cloud hanging over him, that is two thirds of Corporate’s making. Sure, some portion of it is Mike’s fault, I don’t see where most of the stuff that happens to him is under any of his control… except maybe his not looking for another job. Jackie has done such a good job with the way the characters all dove-tail together.
Would someone please help Wes out of the dumpster? Wait, no, leave him there for a while…

Good for him. I think that she may bring out some good, tamper his rough personality to the point of not catching microwaves on fire.

A big f-you to people for just being a furry enthusiast?

I would have guessed plus sized / curvy yet Carol has been around a while.

I’ve been around too many geeks complaining about people cosplaying with the wrong body type. >:( Degradating gatekeeping for passionate fans who built costumes who don’t have professional model bodies.

I think you’re reading in things that I didn’t express.

I stand corrected, odd how our own world view can change the expressions of others

How would a behind the scenes of the comic creation with evolution of characters as an extra section of a future print volume or separate mini compilation be worth the investment from a business perspective? Or a Patreon extra?

I remembered a book that lumped together the character notes and drafts of muppet characters a while back. A reader can get a little here and a little there from your page posts about your characters going through the comic page by page.

I love how you kind of “Announce” couples with these sorts of pages. Though now that I think about it I don’t remember if Nina and Ed had one.

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