928 Rickman.

Man, it seems like it’s been a long week. I don’t know why exactly, but I’ve had all kinds of people looking to get a piece of this action this week. Why do they all appear at once? Is there some kind of business thing that says midway to late may is good for starting things? I dunno. I guess it’s better than people not caring. They need to stagger themselves though.

I haven’t been doing anything that makes a good story. I’ve just been working on stuff. ALL THE STUFF. I haven’t properly slept in a few days. I just keep sleeping under my desk. Sleep a couple hours, work on stuff, do all the things, sleep under the desk… Well, I sleep to the left of the desk if you want to be technical. There’s a battery under the desk proper and I think it’s secretly trying to give me cancer. It’s always been shifty that one… Anyway, the carpet is nice and it straightens my back out usually.

Oh I remember what I wanted to ask. Who all is left who hasn’t gotten their My Little Pony consolation sketch yet? I’ve sent out two waves of them, but I have 3 drawings left that don’t have notes to go with them. Email me again if you still don’t have your drawing. I’ve got, like, 2 Brooksie’s and a Nina kicking around… I thought I had all the notes in my notebook but I guess I didn’t.

What else? A storm clipped the yard the other day and dropped some hail. I got the most perfectly preserved hailstone off the ground. You could really observe the structure well. I don’t think the truck got dinged, but it’s hard to tell anymore. It’s been dinged a lot of times from nature throwing shit at it.

That’s about all I have. I still have to do other things, but I want to try and do another Harry Potter crossover image soon. You guys want to see anyone in particular next?


Just out of curiosity, why is the bottom of Carol’s hair shaded as a dark brownish red instead of her normal black, as it shows in the banner and just 2 pages back?

Sometimes I actually take the time to render it as a shade of reddish brown, which is how it would look if you saw her in real life.

The closest character to Luna would be Nina. Luna seems to never be upset or down. Brooksie is far too shy – and she wouldn’t look right as a blonde (which Luna most definitely is).

Just spent the last two days reading through the whole thing. Now I’m sad I’ll have to wait for more updates.

Good stuff!

I think it’d be interesting to see mike or carol for the next harry potter crossover image. That’s just my opinion though.

Great comic, keep it going! Just finished reading through archives, wanted to add the RSS feed to my aggregator, but found none. That means I’ll have to write a script to download pages automatically, cause comic is too good to let it go :(

I just realized: the tall guy reminds me of Gordon, from the webcomic named, Templar Arizona.
But yeah, I realize: the two guys are way…WAY different people. Both have the long hair, tho.

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