387 Fraction.

Let’s see…  To help stem the tide of spam comments we started using a new blocker thingy for the site.  If you comment and it goes missing then the software probably thought it was spam.  Just try again and, uh, I guess try to seem less like spam…  I don’t know, I’ll get it sorted out eventually. 

By the time this goes up I may be enjoying the magic that is jury duty.  Inconveinient, but there was a murder around here someplace.  It might be fun to hold someone’s fate in my hands…  MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 

I got Animal Crossing: City Folk.  If anyone wants to visit my town feel free to leave me your friend code, town name, and so on.  Apples are what grow naturally in my town, so I need other types.  Plus, I imagine that in order to get the Nook store upgrade I’ll need someone to buy something from it.  I don’t have the michrophone thingy.  It’s kind of a shame because you won’t get to hear my rich, Corinthian, voice.  XD 

Town Name:  Nonsuch

Avatar name:  J.T.

Friend code:  1544-8934-2079

I’ll make a forum topic just in case people want to set up trades or something. 


I’m very surprised Reggie hasn’t been killed, maimed or beaten yet. Yeah, very bad thing to say. I’m glad I don’t have a Reggie at work…just a Lenny.

It JUST occured to me. I get bored a lot, more often then not lately, and I was re-reading some of your older comics. And I was wondering, JT, are you going to have a plot about the Creepy Emo Professor Snape dude in comic #99? The guy who will one day make Carol “his”?

Crave: Yeah, I left a few loose ends for the future in case I needed someplace to take the story later.

I do not think that Reggie has noticed yet that Ed’s missing height is stored in his forearms. Hopefully we get to see when Ed corrects Reggie’s math.

That Reggie..heh, heh, heh,.. just can’t pass up a chance to make a new acquaintance into a new and very angry enemy.
Oh Reggie, you are gonna get a hurtin’.

Oh well, it is convenient that Reggie has a toe-tag all ready to go hanging around his neck. That’ll make the coroner’s job a bit easier.

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