I can’t wait to see how many snazzy people, make snazzy comments about the snazziness of the snazy.

Because it’s blue. that’s why he would wear it.

Lol I was just watching the original Planet of the Apes last night. Were you watching it too, hence the gorilla comment above?

Reggie seems awfully shocked that Ed works there. Was he under the impression that he was important enough to be notified of such things?

Crave: It was Planet Of The Apes weeked when I set this post up. Although I got out my DVD set so I wouldn’t have to see commercials… XD That quote is from Beneath The Planet Of The Apes.

Reggie is a little too concerned with himself to care about what other people are wearing, unless he needs something to make fun of.

Nobody talks to Reggie or tells him any more than they absolutely have to, much as though he was a manager that nobody likes or respects. NO WONDER he thinks he’s in charge!

I desire just such a snazzy shirt. Specifically of that -snazzy- shade.
(That’s not a request to add it to the store; I’m broke.)

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