548 Let’s Make A Deal.

Had one of those ‘a tornado is coming’ dreams.  A theme that recurs, but hasn’t for a while.  The cat is always the hardest animal to capture in those scenarios.  I can wrestle the dog to the basement, but I can’t run down the cat on my best day.  I think if it came down to me or the cat living through a weather disaster I’d have to go with me.  He’s had a good run.  If he wants to take on a tornado I think he’s earned that right.  Of course I’d still look for the little shit till the last possible second because I’m attached to him.  16 some odd years old and still in better shape than I am…  You wouldn’t know he was that old to look at him, or based on how he acts.


Hang on, new guy? Wasn’t that the thief Thomas mentioned before? I smell an assload of trouble by proxy for Reggie.

I don’t think the new guy is actually a thief. It seemed as if Thomas was just trying to discourage Mike from making any more independent staffing decisions.

If any house pet could survive a tornado it would probably be a cat. I remember after the hurricanes down here the strays that would sit on out patio would still be around afterwards like nothing happened.

Your cat is 16 years old? That’s awesome. My oldest cat was 16. She was almost as old as me. =^-^=

Moving on the page…I hope the new person is a bigger tool that Reggie and pushes his buttons like Reggie did to Ed. He needs another “Don’t be a dick” message from the universe. Getting smacked by Nina wasn’t enough to open his eyes. Also…go Mike! That was a nice way of flipping the table!

I do sort of get a “I’ve altered our deal, pray I do not alter it further” vibe here, but Lando wasn’t as much of a dick as Reggie is here, and Mike’s not that evil, even if he’s almost flipping Reggie the bird in an obscure way.

Also, forget the cat. If it isn’t ahead of you to the tornado shelter, it’s got its own place figured out, and you’re not in a position to argue.

My 16 year old cat is not so vivacious. She is named Eddy and looks like a half blind pirate who drools and tends to smell bad.

Oooh. Im rereading the archives now. The first time this strip appeared, I’d forgotten Thomas’s description of the new guy. Machiavellian manager.

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