It’s because it includes the word “pants” in its make up, an inherently funny word. There’s many a funny statement to be made about pants, mainly because of the implication as to what’s underneath. So blatantly saying “underpants” removes the implication and tells you straight up what’s going on. “Wear” can be any clothing. By definition, you could call a wig underneath a hat “underwear”. But “underpants”? There we go.

Diving into deeper, we can examine why pants, and what’s under them, is funny. Likely originating in the repressive nature of our culture and the how repressed ideas can be a sure of humor because of rule breaking and such. However, I don’t think this is the place to writing a paper on comic theory. So… yea… Let’s move on, shall we?

“Underpants” is just redundancy. Pants are pants. There is nothing under them, and they needn’t themselves be specified as “under”.
Pants go under trousers. That is the way of things.
And I will fight tooth and claw to the very last cell of my body against the american abuse of the word.

I don’t know man there is always this one.
Person 1- “What are you doing under there?”

Person 2- “Under where?”

Person 1 ” Ha! I just made you say underwear. You stupid bastard.”

Also, what the hell is Reggie gay, Brooksie is a tiny little bohemian goddess. I would steal the last pork chop from Mike Tyson while wearing the blue power ranger outfit just for the chance to watch terrible movies with her.

Is that weird?

Is it just me or did Reggie just say he found Brooksie to be hot? Of course in his own little fucked up way.

The state of Brooksie’s panties may be none of my business but I still like hearing her talk about them. <3

I would think that if Brooksie were to so ANY interest in Reggie he’d change his mind about her in a second, the tough guy/asshole thing is only a front, just to try and hide how pathetic he is. What a douche.

He is using the oldest trick in the book. if he said something like “yea, thinking about your privates gives me a boner” he would be creepy, sexually harassing, and lowering his chance of seeing them.

By saying “not if you were the last woman on earth” he is coming through as a “jerk” (the most attractive thing a man could do), as well as avoiding the sexual harassment, creepiness, and slightly increases his chance of getting some…

Of course he is such an ass and a looser normally that this slight increase does not amount to anything (I hope)… negative million + one is still negative a whole fucking lot.

ps. brooksie is too cute and insecure (notice her stuttering) to be a good target for jerk-hood… a snobby popular girl is a great target for that, but brooksie would just get offended /reminded of other bullying and turned off.

I am entirely convinced that Reggie is the quintissential made-up douche, as I would be perfectly content never seeing his face again.

I just can’t wait for Ed and Thomas to deal with Reg, hopefully they have someplace to hide the body. You know what “They” say, “a good friend will keep quiet when you kill somebody, a great friend will help you hide the body.”

Somebody better put their foot in his ass, and pronto.

Course, she could just take that time to think of more demeaning things for him to do… or she could call and have his car towed away.

Isn’t that a quote from 10 Things I Hate About You? The scene in the book store when Patrick (played by the uber cute Heath Ledger) askes Kat (played by Julia Stiles) for another copy of Feminine Mystique.

Also note, he said ‘i’m wouldn’t be concerned with your panties’ he said nothing about what their covering, but yes Reggie is an ass. he gives off that ‘i’m a snotty rich boy and i’m only here to annoy you peons’ vibe… or just a trouble maker vibe..?

I believe underpants does thoroughly win the battle, simply because it sounds so formal but is addressing an article of clothing that is one of the silliest in any repotoire (sp?). Plus you can say underpants in many funny ways that you can’t say with underwear XP

I think both are funny, in different contexts but I would gie le’ win to underpants because its less expected to be said than underwear. Also to join the other nerdy creepy guys. I too would like to concern myself in the cause of brooksies underpants….there…I said it.

Underpants wins out for me simply because of the many different ways I can emphasize the word, but with Underwear I always end up making the same joke and that joke got old a long time ago.

I REMEMBER that commentary. God, I love the commentaries on the Futurama episodes. After seeing all of them multiple times, it freshens it up to hear Billy West and John DiMaggio be retarded on tape. And at first, I thought David X. Cohen’s voice was the voice of Zapp Brannigan. Maybe he was theinfluence.

WAAAAAAAAAAAY late to the party, but felt obliged to say – I want Reggie to die in a fire for the way he is treating the adorable Brooksie. Preferably one of his own starting.

(I feel justified in wishing a fictional, drawn character death by fire, and would not wish it on real people)

can we get a random customer to just punch reggie?
in the face?
with a big muscled arm behind it?

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