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A while back Fenn from over at The Wrong Hero opened up an online store, and I got one of his pins.  Much like his comic, it is awesome, and I look forward to explaining it to random strangers.  I hope the world decides to love his work soon, so that he can just sit around and make comics for me to enjoy, all night and ev-er-y day.  For my part, I’m mentioning it here, so when he rules these interwebs I can feed off his scraps.  His delicious scraps.

But I digress…

  I also used said purchase as an excuse to get one of my own pins.  I’ve never been dissapointed with Cafepress’s stuff, yet I always worry that people might not be getting a quality product.  Seeing something “in the reals”, so to speak, makes me feel better about the whole thing. 


Om nom nom :D

My workplace has had similar tardiness issues. Then the new manager showed up and started firing people that were habitually late. Amazing how that tends to motivate those who are left.

Thanks for the link! I would like nothing better than to be able to quit my job and make comics, but that’s a long way off (if ever). The Dumbrella panel at Comic Con all said that they were at least 2 years in before they could say that webcomics *was* their day job.

I totally feel the same way about getting the merchandise in your hands just to see how it really looks.

Tardiness Rule: You’re not late if you get there before your superior.

*meanwhile, back at the ranch.*

I try to only be about 2 minutes behind any job I do. Yeah working on some of our own webcomics for our site, I would love to be able to call it a full time job. I think thats the secret goal of all webcomic workers. of course someitmes the crappy job does lead to the ideas for the great webcomic. Vicious cycle eh.

Gotta love the om nom nom. Its good that the product is of quality, I would probably buy one if it wasn’t for the fact I had to save almost every penny I have for Otakon.

TOTALLY!!! One of my old bosses used to come in late, whirl in and then say, “I have to get a coffee. I’ll be right back.” I’m like, “TONY- I was supposed to LEAVE 5 minutes ago. I’m driving to Missouri.” “I’ll be fast” 10 minutes later. “Okay, I’m going–” “oh! Let me go to the bathroom first!” “God damn it…”

You’re getting really good with expressions by this point. They look so lively and characterized! Well done.
Also, loved the om nom nom bit

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