331 The Power Of Greyskull.

You know, I thought that updated He-Man cartoon was sweet.  It was really well written for a kids show.  Perhaps too well written for the target audience.  I’m not sure, maybe it was just bad timing.  In any case I’m glad they are getting the DVD sets out for me to enjoy.  I never got to see it all. 

Oh, man, does anyone remember that live action He-Man?  I can’t believe I don’t have it in my collection of fantastically awful movies.  It’s got to be in the top 10.  Grildor alone should get it that far.  Not a high point in Billy Barty’s career. 


I love the transition from Mild mannered Brooksie to full on Empowered Brooks or She-woman (Well she cannot be He-man). I mean you can practically hear the change in the sound of her voice there, you know if she had one.

The only bad thing about this is that you know Reggie’s just gonna laugh her off on the next page. The bastard.

I remember seeing the live action movie as a kid. And now that I think about it, it WAS awful XD.

Reggie sounds like someone I work with. Every time I speak to them, I just wanna kick them in the shins. Reggie’s gonna make her cry, isn’t he? Jerk XP

I never watched he man so this i s a little lost on me. But Brooksie reminds me of Ultraviolet in the last panel. Sweet.

Hey, I saw the live-action He-Man movie! I thought it was a lot of fun!

(And especially impressive that it was, since I never saw anything else involving He-Man, ever. Yeah, go ahead and mock, go ahead and mock…)

Ah, the 80’s, I missed it by just a few years. Yeah that new version was cool but it dosen’t make me snicker like original. Also, Brooks’ kind of has emo hair in that last pannel.

I loved that movie and I still have a bunch of the show on tape. Plus all the old cartoon stuff on tape. I hear there is going to be a new Live-action movie in the future though.

ANYTHING with blue hair, unending knowledge of movies, and the cutest little body/face around would scare the bejeezus outta anyone!

PS thank you Jthomas for replying to my emails, even if you don’t know jack about wordpress/comicpress. Thank the fairy for me.

I don’t understand how shows can be written too well for kids. Tons of shows were above my head when I was a kid, but i still loved them. Kids these days man… -_-;

Just ’cause it’s technically a “kids’ show” doesn’t mean it can’t be great. Batman: the Animated Series, anyone? Pinky and the Brain? I was (at least legally) an adult when those came out, but I still loved them. And I know I’m far from alone.

I think I just did it again. I spent half of a half of a day re reading your comic. You laced the code with cocaine again didn’t you?

:D Heh heh. ^^ Brooksie is so timid. It’s very cute to see her standing up to someone that she doesn’t particularly like.

I think reggie is about to learn a very harsh lesson from Brooksie. Also…She needs a battlecat.And I match your Power of greyskull with the eye of thundera! The he-man movie wasn’t that good, but looking ahead they are remaking a red sonja movie based on the robert E howard books yayness.

I used to love watching He-Man, and so did my dad. We got to the point where if one of us would get the remote, we’d hold it up and say, “I have the power!” We still do that, lol.

AH! I missed this and following! Sorry sorry sorry! I once heard someone say that all He-man was was a kid and a skeleton both dancing around in their underwear with swords. Having only seen one, I am no judge, but having seen one episode, I would have to agree. Each to his own, though. I’ve seen people like stranger things. Ahhhh well. I’m ranting, aren’t I?

On the He-Mans: first one ws great for its time, second one was friggen awesome for how they got the script down, as well as the animation to it; though i find myself cheering more for the fact that the writers nailed inteligent evil down pat in the newer one’s Skeletor than anything else.

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