315 Dying Breed.

It seems like there shouldn’t be any smokers left in the world now, what with all the people trying so hard to bring tobacco down. I kind of hope they never do, because I hate those “truth” ads so much. Ads like those make me want to start smoking.

Edit: (How odd is it that the title of today’s page still fits this edit, huh? Freaky.) I was playing a little Mario Kart Wii and checked the Wii news channel as I was shutting down the system. Honestly, I wasn’t totally shocked when I saw that comedy legend, George Carlin, had died. I knew he’d not been in the best of health in recent years, but still…

George Carlin’s comedy, especially the newer stuff, always had an underlying theme. It was pretty simple. You can sum it up in a word: THINK. I’ve always tried to think for myself due, in no small part, to listening to Carlin’s stuff. One of the first comedy albums I ever got was Killer Carlin. It’s from way back, before he was quite so topical. In fact, I still have it. It’s sitting with the rest of my cassette tapes; doomed to gather dust. Such is the fate of outdated media storage methods. I think I’ll get it out and give it a listen tonight, for old times sake.


Man i have the best story about how I pissed those truth bastards off so bad. ask me someday its awesome.
Really ask me.

lol I am drunk, Your comic rules I love you.

Haha man I’m drunk

Taking a step off the “Should smoke or shouldn’t smoke” conversation, one of the things I’ve always enjoyed in this comic is the individuality of the characters. When different people smoke, they use different fonts, etc…

In this case, even the smoke is different. My hats off to the artistic touch there :)

I’ve stated my love for Brooksie before, and notwithstanding her disgusting habit, she’s still awesome. As already pointed out, the way her smoke curls rather than squiggling like John’s. And her apostrophes… God love a woman who speaks with apostrophes.

I love that she mentions the thunder lizards as opposed to something a normal humongrel would say.

I hate smoking, but I agree that those damn ads need to just go away. Besides, smokers themselves are good enough examples as to why one shouldn’t smoke as it is.

Dear lord…I thought I was alone
I thought I was the only person in the world that hated those truth adds so much it actually made me want to smoke just to spite them

Hey i noticed you keep buying up the free adspace on my site, i’m glad because it made me find your comic and read through the archives, an enjoyable thing.

Keep up the good work!

It’s like they think smokers are going to see their ads and go “WHAAA??!!! It causes CANCER?!! From this day forth i renounce you cigarettes!” If people aren’t aware that smoking’s unhealthy then then I want them out of my gene pool.

This comic just gets better and better.

Back when I did smoke, every time I saw one of those “Truth” commercials all it did was make me want another cigarette. Talk about counter productive!!!

I been smoking for six years, and truth be told (ha ha pun **Is killed) those ads just keep me smoking. Mostly because if the truth was the man, I’d be sticking it to him. Okay that wasn’t right, but I think it’s mostly because to me it was a choice to try it, and it’s a choice to stay with it.

And kids, mostly those younger than 14, if you’re gonna try smoking:
A: get WAY away from your parents house
B: do NOT smoke at school
C: Go with Camels, the Turkish Gold’s are the smoothest I’ve tasted.

Also, if anyone wants to quit smoking, try to smoke a pack of Winstons in a day. Yeah, that’ll do it.

Dennis Leary:
“You could put cigarettes in a black pack, with a skull and a crossbones on it, and call ’em ‘Tumors’ and smokers would be lined around the corner, going ‘I can’t wait to get my hands on these things. I bet you get a tumor as soon as you light up!’ nom nom nom nom nom.”

There’s an actual brand of cigarettes called “Black Death”, complete with skull logo. Or at least there used to be; I quit smoking ten years ago, so it’s been a while since I’ve been in a smoke shop.

I love those truth ads and the newer “Sunny Side of Truth” ads crack me up. Smoking is for idiots. Hear me out your stupid enough to try them for a reason, then your hocked, then you end up a pack a day smoker costing you $1,850 a year. Your an idoit for trying something known as “The only legal good that kills you when you are using it right.”

You know, page 315 and 314 are switched over on the Drunk Duck Site, so I just wanted to know what order they are actually in. Also, to those who say they are smoking to spite the Truth ads, the only person you are spiting is yourself. Those who smoke are really just on a long-term suicide trip. If I ever decide to kill myself, not that I would, but if I did I would rather shoot myself and be done with it than smoke or do drugs and wait for the outcome.

Those Truth ads are actually made by the tobacco industry as part of a settlement from the class-action lawsuits they’ve been bombarded with. They’re stupid in order to intentionally reduce their effectiveness by painting the anti-smoking groups as insane lunatics. It’s a loophole since the quality of the ads isn’t legally enforceable.

Also note, regardless of who actually made them, they would not be putting out ads to tell people to stop smoking if nobody smoked. For that matter, if the number of smokers get down to a level where people aren´t concerned about it any longer, the ads will stop. So if you want the truth ads to die, and you smoke, stop smoking. If you don´t smoke, don´t start.

Carlin and Bill Hicks. Those dudes are my dead father figures. My approachable intellectuals. From them I learned that the only way to exist as I am and not go totally crazy is to find new and compelling ways to speak my mind. To do that you have to THINK for YOURSELF.

Cigarettes are going to kill you, blah, blah, blah.

So is car fumes and I bet you walk around in them all day!!

And alcohol kills you slowly, and, if something goes wrong, rock climbing will kill you VERY quickly!

Basically you choose your poison and live your life, and pay your debts for the things you enjoy. I love butter, it might kill me in forty years, it might not but I will take that risk!

So will people stop thinking that they have a right to interfer in other peoples lives? I thought our society was supposed to be based on each persons right to do what they want, as long as it isn’t interfering with anyone elses rights? All you people who want to ban cigarettes are just cutting back human rights, do you want to live in a society that looks at your body and decides what you can do and can’t do? Because that is the logical conclusion of the ban this and ban that ideal.

So you want to ban cigarettes and drugs, so do you want to continue that on to rock climbing, sky diving, white water canooing and tree climbing? How long before that gets to no one being allowed on water, as they might fall in and drown themselves?

It depends on where you work at, there seems to be way less smokers in the commerial sector than in the industrial sector, in industry, at least half of them are smokers.

I’ve been a smoker for a long time. I understand people concerned about secondhand smoke. I don’t smoke inside anywhere. Not even at home, because I don’t like the smell.

But some want (and have) a ban smoking in parks and on sidewalks – because they don’t like the smell.

Why do so many Americans think they have a right to not be offended?

For the self-righteous preachers I meet, though, I enjoy pointing out the number of people sick, dying, and dead because of the choices they made in their diet, and the massive expense they all contribute to.

Everybody chooses, in some way, to hasten their own demise. Everyone interesting, at least. If you spend all your life worrying about and avoiding anything that might entail some risk or harm, have you really lived?

It bothers me so much that brooksie smokes for some reason. John it doesn’t at all (they are fictional characters) but brooksie just shouldn’t

Yeah, everybody choses their poison and drinks it.
But don’t pour your poison down my throat.
Everytime someone is smoking next to me I’m like “Can’t ya, like, die a lil’ faster?”

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