1424 Zealous.

Nina is getting to a point in her life where she’s sick of waiting for things to be the way she wants. Something I empathize with. Unfortunately you can’t just will things to be how you like. On top of that some things are unreasonable no matter how you look at them. The world might be better if it was as fun as Nina’s fan fiction, but you can’t unasshole enough people to ever make it a reality.

My allergies are really bothering me right now. So is my dog Solomon. We seem to be affected similarly by our surroundings. Our birthdays are a day apart, strangely enough.

The teen caught a cold, so she’s been going insane from not being allowed to hug me. Since the last time I got sick it caused my recent trip to the hospital we’re not taking any chances. Of course getting her to believe that the whole thing is necessary is something else entirely. The reality of disaster is not something she really seems to grasp until you’re too deep in to it to go back. Prevention is not something she subscribes to.

I’ve decided that Rick and Morty is a show I’m going to watch. I’ve decided this, but have just continued working and not actually doing anything but that… I need shows that are a certain level of boring so I can do stuff. Based on the episodes of R&M I’ve seen it doesn’t meet that requirements. In fact the reason I’m typing this stiupid is that I’m trying to watch the show while I type.

ANyway, I need to quit dickign around and get back to work. I let myself gwet too distracted this week, so now I need to really focus. I’ve got to go to the doctor on Tuesday, but after that it’s no more random nonsense until I can get back in front of things.


Try one of Yogscast Sjin’s build series, like Rule the World or Let’s build Arendale. Or Yogscast Kim’s Nano’s Village series.

The Brain Scoop or SciShow might also work. They’re all on YouTube.

I’m not calling them boring per say. Those are just some of the series I listen to while playing MineCraft.

Hoo boy… I can definitely relate to being tired of waiting to get your life on track. I’m working at it, but it’s sloooooooooooooow going.

Also, you forgot to announce today’s comic on the Twitters. Please do that. I must retweet your latest comic so that I may spread the word to the people!

“The world might be better if it was as fun as Nina’s fan fiction, but you can’t unasshole enough people to ever make it a reality.”

This just makes me sad. I’d like to try your suggestion, but the price of ammunition is just too high…

In re The Teen and her hurt feels being denied huggles: it’s my experience that teenagers do not mix well with the concept of consequences or reality in general. And I seem to recall one of your past rants I mean blogs concerning people who are generous with their afflictions and infections.

We could build you a Clean Room, but of course the filtration process requires dehumidifying and cooling the air. You probably wouldn’t care for that…

I find it hard to believe that Nina hasn’t seen some of the…darker? fanfics out there, there are some pretty dark ones, especially harry potter ones.

I should totally have read that better. HER fanfictions, I thought she said fanfics in general ^_^;; my mistake

Jeeze, she just initiated the beginning steps of “romance” with her own personal Harry Potter clone. I thought she’d be riding the joy of that for a tad bit longer. Her need for romance fuel is constant and high.

Being a teen is all about learning that Celestial can’t just magically make it all better. Things you Do have Consequences. That is hard, the idea that Mommy, Daddy, or Uncle Jacky can’t just make the missing finger magically re-attach, you cannot ask your Daddy’s buddy Psychopomp to bring your friend Billy back from the Dead, actions have results, there is no un-do button in real life.

… I think that you’ve unintentionally gone somewhat over <abbr title="The one that separates insensitivity from nastiness." the line with your comment.

The teen’s father died just after christmas 2012, I think she’s pretty clear that wishing the dead back to life is not going to work.


FYI: Your understanding of teen psychology is … imprecise. Most teenagers do understand consequences, they just have a harder time remembering to think about them in the heat of the moment.

This is a result of (normal) human brains only completing development sometime in the mid-twenties, with the frontal lobes (critical for ‘executive control’) among the last parts to mature. Please search for something like “brain development teen” if wish to know more.

It is true. I follow the comic, but don’t follow the comments closely, I try to keep up with J. and the immediate health issues: for what prayers and well wishes are worth. I was aware that the Teen lived with J, but unaware of the Why.
It was an unintentional gaff, for which I am very truly sorry. I meant no hurt nor harm.
And as someone both laity, and only a high school grad, I can see there is no want of my over-broad statements and platitudes.
Truly, I meant no offense.

Don’t worry about it. She almost never reads the comments anymore plus she’s not super precious about the whole thing. You didn’t know so it’s no big deal.

Oh, hey,… The Teen; really truly sorry about the comment, I meant no disrespect, insult, nor pain, no matter how inadvertent. I apologize for that, I hope you didn’t think ill of me, sometimes I speak where I have incomplete or wrong knowledge.
I am sorry about that.
Genesee Paws

Sorry if I came on too strong there … I’ve repeated things that seemed like common sense (more times than I care to think of) only to have someone bring to my attention that I was being an ass … I was trying to do that in a non-jerky way … my close associate General Idiocy and my html failure seem to have screwed-up that good intention …

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