887 Stranger Danger.

So yeah, I don’t remember it very well, but I had a dream where I was going to every Asian restaurant in town with Jeffrey Tambor. He was the manager of a grocery store. It was a very pointless dream.

I got 3 stars on every track in Mario Kart 7. It was a little disappointing that nothing was unlocked from doing it. I still don’t have all the Kart modifications. Which is fine, I guess. Just another reason to keep playing. Not that I needed one particularly.

I’ve been doing the swapnote thing, but haven’t unlocked a bunch of stuff. If you guys have a 3DS you’re welcome to add me. I don’t recall many people saying anything about it. 3909-7997-3526 Mostly I draw notes about Bear. My net is still shitty so I’m almost never able to connect to play Mario Kart.

I really want to see that new Ghibli cartoon, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to wait till the DVD.


You screwed up, T. Ask questions just to the point of being told to mind your own business, then remember every damn word she says. If you for get, all is lost. If you remember, you’re screwed anyway.

I always liked the idea of the Borrowers, so I’m kinda excited that someone is tackling it again. Might have to wait for it to hit the shelves myself though, so I feel for ya.

Thomas, it sounds like you’r a little too much give. If the other person doesn’t feel challenged occasionally, you run the risk of losing her.

We got lucky and Arrietty came here which is just awesome. I watched it on Friday. It was more like the older, slower films– the ones that are paced like a Sunday stroll or something. More like Whispers of the Heart (my favorite!), Kiki and Totoro than Mononoke, Spirited Away or Howl or even the Cat Returns. The animation was just what you expect from a Ghibli movie. It’s the backgrounds and incidental stuff that had you staring at the screen like a child.
I had misgivings about it– not because of the movie itself, but because my theater was full of children and teenagers with their phones out. I thought I was going to have to bitch-slap somebody. They were talking through the trailers and still had their phones out but the minute that blue screen came up with the Studio Ghibli and Totoro on it, the theater got quiet and it stayed that way. As I get older, I’m getting more intolerant of people under the age of 20. I almost feel like I need to apologize for them not ruining my movie experience. Then again, it could just be attributed to the incredible images on the screen distracting them from touching their phones for an hour and a half. Maybe these same teens would piss me off in another movie.
Anyway, Arrietty was good and it was awesome to see it on the big screen. Even if the kid Shawn sounded like the drugged-up sounding Prince in Princess Tutu.

I’ve loved the comic for a while, but haven’t been very vocal here in the comments. Even still, I lave all your stuff so far. I just got myself a 3DS so friends would be cool. My code is: 0688-6005-5322

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: I love your goddamn dialogue. I suppose I just stop noticing it over the years, but in many ways you can tell you’re getting your character info from the author, while with your comic, it feels like you’re getting your character info from overhearing the characters themselves. I mean, I suppose I might “hear” them in you if I ever spoke to you face to face, but from just reading from my point of view it really feels like these are all real, separate people that weren’t created by someone. It all stems from the natural, organic dialogue.

…but that’s my butt-kissing for today, I guess!

The Secret World of Arrietty was pretty awesome. The only other Ghibli movie I’ve seen in theaters was Ponyo. This one completely blew it out of the water, so to speak. I did like Ponyo, but Arrietty was just more my style, in terms of story, and art. I definitely suggest seeing it in the theater.

I have seen nearly every Studio Ghibli film, either in theaters or on the small screen [fansubs] in either order. They translate well in both directions [good scripting does that] the only thing that ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS has me nervous is if the sound is B.A.D. [Bad American Dubbing]

So my question to the viewers out there – Is the Dubbing good / tolerable or BAD [anything by Animayhem]?

The dubbing is nicely done on this one except for the lead boy who sounds like he’s been eating valium. Even Will Arnett and Amy Poehler did a great job and I LOVED Arrietty herself. Her voice acting was great.

Text Wall…. Sorry. Thought about erasing it but now I’ve spent forever on it…

I’ve noticed that I usually like whichever I see first best. There are exceptions (like Mononoke), but, for the most part, it sticks in my brain like that. Loved the dubs of Howl’s Moving Castle, Totoro and Kiki (Kirsten Dunst dub). The only sub I wasn’t crazy about was Howl’s. Almost everything else, I prefer the sub of. I do love the subs of Totoro and Kiki, but I’m going to have to side on Angelica from Rugrats in Totoro and Phil Hartman in Kiki tipping the scales for me on the dubs. That and them taking liberties at the end of Kiki and having Jiji talk again (this usually annoys me but, again, I saw the dub first so having him not speak in the Japanese one was kind of melancholy). There is the added fun of having the terrible vhs of Warriors of the Wind (Nausicaa in the Valley of the Wind) staring none other than Cam Clark! :D XD (If you don’t know who that is, shame on you. >:( )
If I have had the chance to see a Ghibli in the theater, I’ve taken it. I saw Mononoke 3 times in one week at our second run theater in town (dub); the next Ghibli I saw was Spirited Away and I was lucky enough to see it opening week IN TOKYO!!!! XD It was another 6 months before I got to see a sub of it and even longer than that before I saw the dub. I was visiting my aunt in DC and convinced her to go watch it with me and they got tickets to the sub. My glasses were broken at the time so I was actually hoping for the dub on that one but it was still cool to see it again on screen. Spirited Away’s dub is really well done, but I can barely bring myself to watch it. I’ve seen the sub so many times (bought the bootleg before it came here and then later bought the real one)that the other one just grates on me. That and the liberties they take in it with added dialogue to dumb it down for American audiences just makes me annoyed. The same goes for the Cat Returns. In the Cat Returns, actually, I prefer the bootleg subs to the official Disney subs (I have 3 copies and omigod, I sound like a psycho– but, yeah. 1 regular American dvd, 1 region-free bootleg dvd and 1 region free blue-ray dvd). The bootleg is closer to the dialogue. The English subs on the American one are just basically subtitles for the translated one which they took liberties with especially in the fights between Muta and the crow (which are some of my favorite parts). We never got the Cat Returns or Howl’s Moving Castle so I had to drive to another city to see Howl’s. Ponyo, we just happened upon in another city and I was not about to leave without seeing it. We did finally get it in town a few weeks later and it stayed here about 2 weeks. I actually haven’t bothered to watch the sub of Ponyo yet even though I have the dvd. I’ve only seen it the one time at the theater. Arrietty came here and I’m hoping that’s a trend that is going to continue. All of the theater ones have been dubs except Spirited Away.
I think I have all the movies except for Tales from Earthsea. I bought a Ghibli collection forever ago and it had 9 movies in it (up through Mononoke) all subs and I’ve since bought real copies of Laputa/Castle in the Sky, Whispers of the Heart, Mononoke (first dvd I ever bought. Didn’t even have a player yet.), Cat Returns, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Ponyo. I have raw tapes of Whispers of the Heart and Kiki, and dubbed tapes of Kiki, Nausicaa and Totoro. Haven’t watched all of them, though. I don’t have My Neighbors the Yamadas which I was really excited to watch because of the watercolor look to it. I probably would have enjoyed it more subbed or dubbed, but I rented it raw when I was in Tokyo. Did that a lot. I haven’t seen it since then.

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