1386 If Someone Asks If You’re A God You Say Yes!

It’s been an annoying day. On the up side the kid is at a friend’s house, so no pestering. Maybe I can get something done. I managed to do several things last night after every other living thing went to sleep.

I haven’t done a new drawing for ebay. If you guys want to suggest who comes next feel free. I haven’t looked, but I suspect Jo set the limit on the value for my art. She’s the most popular character so everything else is going to be lower than that. I might just wait till Monday because having them end on the weekend makes it hard to get to our little post office that keeps odd hours.

Anyway, I don’t have anything interesting to say. I’m just going to get back to work. See you guys in the comments.


Hmmm… that expression in the last panel looks like it could go either way between ‘Good for you’, regretting she seems to have moved on from him, or being surprised at Reggie. Don’t think John would be so petty as to not just be glad for her though.

I don’t know if I’d consider it petty. Unless I missed somewhere where he turned down her advances, he actually seemed somewhat interested in her. Sure, he continued to flirt, and she did nothing wrong by accepting someone else’s advances, he hesitated too long. Doesn’t mean that he doesn’t get to feel disappointed. And acting upset when you are upset isn’t petty, it’s human.

Thomas and Carol might do well.

Or maybe a series of the cast cosplaying as their favorite fictional characters?

Ooooh…Thomas and Carol as Mulder & Scully! (Autocorrect doesn’t like Scully, but it thinks Mulder is OK?) Standing in front of an old Dodge pickup (think she drove one in the hallucinogenic fungus episode). Might as well include several interests (surely fetish is too strong a word) at once.

On the title, that actually doesn’t work so well. In the recent Ghostbusters IDW comic series, Ray is dreaming he’s on Janine’s talk show(Which is part of the dream, she doesn’t have one)and Gozer stands up in the audience when asked if anyone has a question, and Gozer asks if he’s a god, so this time, Ray says yes, yes he is. But, Gozer just yells, YOU LIE!! and zaps Ray over the couch where he remarks, there is no right answer to that question.

They ought to give Janine her own talk show for reals. They could air right after Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. I hear the studio is already blast-proofed.

Actually that looks more like a Hurt or wounded Expression, (speaking from experience) because that expression on John tells me he actually might have feelings for her that he just choose to ignore till now, finding out someone asked her out would be enough of a suprise to awaken said feelings

I know I said this a few strips back but….John, you dun goofed. Its sad to see another victim to security in over confidence of value. People change by nature, are always growing, yesterdays hero is today’s fool. But on the bright side, as much as I like Alex and John, Victoria and John are really great too

John, either you can try to sabotage the budding relationship and become a dick in both their eyes, be happy for them, or threesome. Choose wisely.

Oooooh nooooo god damn it I knew something was gonna go wrong.

I just hope John can handle this maturely.

I can’t get over how a pair of cat ears makes a girl so damn cute and desirable –‘ mayhap the ebay piece could be our favorite librarian in a cute pose?

It’s funny, but this page reminds me of one of the events that lead to me realizing I’m homosexual. A friend of mine was all flushed and happy, saying she had something important to tell me. I was excited for her, we got all close and she told me “I have a boyfriend.” I was only about 12, so I didn’t quite understand why my heart absolutely sunk. I hadn’t realized how special I though she was until someone else thought the same thing. I irrationally hated her poor boyfriend the entire month they were together (or as together as 12 year old kids can be).

Poor John.

You discovered you were homosexual because you liked a girl? Sounds counter-intuitive to me. But then I’m straight and therefore have a hard time understanding how that works, anyway. I must be missing something.

I think that is the expression of someone realizing that someone they sort of don’t like actually gets along with people. He’s a bit hurt because other people don’t see Reggie as negatively as he has come to see him and he feels a bit betrayed. Maybe a bit of, “I was considering you.” in there as well. I could be projecting.

“Scuse me whilst I make this big ol’ L on my forehead with my thumb ‘n’ forefinger. This is hardly the first time we’ve seen Mr. Lucky get shot down in flames. The first time was with Jessica ‘way back in 56 First Loser. Dude has got to learn to take the initiative.

Like i said a couple of strips before, we’re going south, so south that we’re going to crash on mexico…

…and just in case someone decides to tell me something for doing that kind of joke, im mexican, no harm.

I think our new resident furry friend (and sister to the one who shall not be named) Victoria would make a great piece of art in or out of her fur suit. On an unrelated note how the lives of our favorite Guitar Hero as of late.

My Ebay professionals tell me that listings that end during the weekend tend to get higher bids. Something about more people being free to monitor the auction, I think.

A lot of these comments are acting like John isn’t used to this…Thomas does this to him often, I think he just never thought he’d lose alex or lose to reggie of all people. Losing a girl though isn’t really all that new to him, so he’ll probably handle it a lot better than many are kinda eluding to :P

I think the messed up part is that she genuinely had feelings for him, and he had a legitimate “shot”. (I think he STILL has a fair chance, all things considered.)

She was talking about him to her friend, but was depressed because she thought he wasn’t into her.

If he plays his cards right, he could still get her. He just needs to decide if he REALLY wants her, or if he just wants her because someone else does…

Honestly, sheeples…

John wanted to ask Alex out,
But Reggie asked Her first;
THAT is the face John is making in the last panel.

all that plus it’s John realizing he can no longer presume to be the most attractive male in the room, were it ever the case …

Surprise, John. Reggie isn’t as much as a stick in the mud you or others, believed him to be.

Anyway, I think John will take this with sportmanship. Now, apples or oranges, dude. Go for Vicky! XD

P.D. That comment that made me go to read back to how John took his chances with Jessica. I found myself laughing my butts off. John’s a nice guy, too much of a nice guy. Take some chances, man.

I’ve read back 30 pages and I still don’t understand this. Why does John care if Alex goes on a date with Reggie?

It’s Not so much that John Cares if Alex Goes on a date with Reggie its more of a shocked moment of disbelief and also self realization that he might just have lost a chance with someone he does care about but didnt really want to admit that he has feels for Alex

Just thinking: If, attractive-person-wise:

if Alex is Batwoman, and Maddi is Batgirl, and Batwoman is not available,…then John should try dating Ms. Maddi.

I think this is kind of funny, really. I remember John telling Brooksie that he doesn’t find fat women attractive and treating having to flirt Alex away from the computer like he was taking one for the team.

Now he’s actually gotten to know her and legit probably had budding feelings for her that he didn’t fully realize until someone else got to her first. Mister “I’m not into fat girls” got a crush on a fat girl.

DAMN you snooze you lose motherfucker!

That said, John’s face is breaking my heart, but also making me have ear to ear grin.

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