886 So Serious.

Well, I fianlly got the pony set in the mail, and the person who is going to get it didn’t specify what sort of drawing they wanted, so I went with my original plan.  I must humbly admit that it’s pretty cute.  The box arrived in badly damaged condition, but the contents are fine.  When next I can get to the post office I’ll be sending it off.  Everyone else will have to wait for their sketchcards until I have time to make them.

The actual sketchcard I was going to use are missing.  Probably because they have been in my way for about 2 years.  So, now that I need them, they are gone.  It’s not like I don’t have a ton of paper around, but they were made for this specific task.  >:|  DICKS.

I have torn my area up looking for those damn things.  I hate it when I can’t find something I know I have.  It’s an obsesive trait I’ve had since I was little.  I will pursue an object to the detriment of all else once I set my mind on it.  If I can’t find it I will dwell on it for days.  Which is why I try to know where everything is.  I’ve always been pretty good at remembering how things are with a glance.  A talent that served me well in retail.  Even if it wasn’t where it was supposed to be I could recall seeing it in the wrong place.  I’m not as good at it anymore. 

In the time I’ve been sitting here thinking about the sketch cards I have emptied 3 drawers of stuff and put their contents on the floor.  Because that’s a wise use of my time…

I have a lot of empty sketchbooks around here, and partially filled ones.  Like many artists I had a bad habit of buying sketchbooks then drawing two or three things only to buy another one later.  I have since almost completely stopped drawing on paper, but the old sketchbooks remain.  At some point I’m going to give them away because I never liked the paper in common sketchbooks anyway.  I like very smooth paper.  The sketchbooks I use now are made of such paper, and I fill them before moving on to the next.  The easiest to get sketchbooks are always made with paper that sucks ink from pens, and leave messy lines.  I’m not down with that. 

Anyway, not important.  I’m gonna go look for those damn sketchcards some more…


Ugh, I feel ya on losing stuff I know I have. Now that I chase around 4 pets, a husband and a toddler, I always remember when I see things out of order.

As to the comic, normally I would make some kind of judgement call on Thomas about “shutting down” right when he’s supposed to be opening up, but some people don’t share their family. Or they don’t like their family. I have a very close friend that I knew for 5 years before finding out he had more than one sister. He simply is not friends and does not contact his other, older sister and brothers. They are never mentioned and it’s nothing to do with how close you are to this particular friend.

I don’t know how it is with T, but personally…

When my erstwhile wife indicated that it was time for her to meet my family, I asked, ¨Are you sure?¨

She replied, ¨Yes, of course I’m sure. They’re going to be at the wedding, right?¨

I took a deep breath, and replied. ¨Let me tell you what you’re getting in for. *Then* you can decide.¨

Some of us have family-member shaped baggage more than we have family members. I spent more than an hour warning my fiancee before I let her actually decide that point. Our travel plans for the visit had us on the road for 8 hours and in a hotel room not sleeping for about 4 hours. And I unloaded more about my parents and siblings throughout all of that time.

It still took my father less than 30 minutes to shock her with how crude he could be. She asserted later that I had properly warned her, but it was one of those things she had to experience for herself before she could really believe.

If any of Tom’s family members have this sort of thing in common with mine, I could easily see him wanting to delay that information until he’s had a better chance to make a good impression – even though I’m pretty sure he’s made a sufficiently good impression at this point that he doesn’t need to worry.

Shouldn’t that be “all prior interaction with you has” or “all prior interactions with you have”?

You seemed to care about grammar on the last one, I’m just trying to help.

As a writer(and avid collector of rejection emails), I understand completely the habit of buying a notebook, using a small portion of it, and buying a new one.

Besides, there must be a law that you can never find something when it is never needed, but it is gone when you do.

Please keep up the good work Mr.Willis.

That’s okay. I lose things that I got in an odd lot of stuff at an auction, then convince myself that I never had such a thing in the first place and am completely flummoxed when the thing I never actually had shows up later.

This use of the word flummoxed meets my approval, in a hearty and rather amused way. Thank you kind sir, for you brightening of a few moments of my day, and reminding me that there is, as I have recently forgotten, a more gentlemanly way to say the rather uncouth phrase “flipped the fuck out”, and one more befitting of my gentlemanly nature.

I beg a thousand pardons, but I misplaced a tense and thus my comment made slightly less sense. I meant to put the phrase “flippING the fuck out” instead of “flipped”, but was slightly preoccupied with the rather… bare… caricature of Carol higher up on the page. Forgive my temporary lapse,I beg of you.

pfha, “I don’t think any good will come of that.”
Having T catch the ambiguity of Carol’s statement takes this comic to a cut above, IMO.

Is it just me, or do you think he could pull off shaving in the lines to make his chest hair a Autobot insignia?

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