…Kinda want the waitress character (Cannot for the life of me remember her name) to come in right mid kiss and get flustered.

First speech bubble, ‘smoothe’ has an extraneous ‘e’ by the way.

Does it? I think you may find other opinions.

Not that I care really, but to quote Wiktionary:
“smoothe: Archaic form of smooth”
Merriam-webster.com doesn’t list “smoothe” at all.

Let’s talk about color and colour while we’re at it.

OK. Colour. And I recognise smoothe as a verb, and smooth as an adjective. Smoothe is to make smooth.

You have it reversed.

Don’t even get me started on what’s in dictionaries and what isn’t. My Business English professor gave me 5 approved dictionaries dollars reference and cross-reference, because different peoples recognize different words, and some *actual real words that came up on the test* including foreward are not found in any of them.

Jackie, you’re awesome, dictionaries can suck, and it’s your comic so spell it however anyway.

Sorry Jackie, but Colour is British English, not American English which removes extraneous u’s and e’s. If you used British English for everything else, then every time you wrote any ‘or’ word(honor, color, armor) you’d have to insert u(honour, colour, armour). Smoothe is just an old usage of smooth, technically correct but correct in the way ‘thou art correct’ is correct English. People understand what you mean, but it’s weird and people will point it out.

Nice kisses though. This has been my favorite arc.

Welp, her Harry Potter prophecy approaches posthaste. It only took decades…. I’ve lost track of how many comic weeks have passed since Thomas screamed himself awake and and brought Ed into the fold. :)

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