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I thought of this joke and decided to go ahead and use it. I was going to cut away originally.

Speaking of condiments, I bought some Heinz ketchup with Tapatio sauce mixed in and it was really spicy. I was surprised that they didn’t tone it down very much. I generally prefer a spicy mustard, but since it was new I tried the spicy ketchup. It’s too spicy for my dad, but probably not spicy enough if you like things very spicy. I wouldn’t say it was on the middle ground though. It’s firmly on the side of spice. Do with this information what you will.

I have nothing of particular importance to convey, so I’ll see you on Wednesday, God willing. As akways, support links above. Take care of yourself and, if you have the strength, take care of someone else too.


We don’t get much of this couple physicallyinteracting compared to other pairings, but the slow burn is very rewarding.

But it sunk my ship. It’s a good ship I’ll grant you but not my ship

Knowing Jo’s and Nina’s predilections, I haven’t wholly lost hope for the shorties
If anything Ed is the sticking point, quite reasonably not wanting to ‘share’ with his sister in that way

one of those moments you seen many times from movies TV shows back in days they where more of those romantic moments in life and everyone else lives today.

It’s like I keep telling people, McD’s hot salsa is basically Mexican catchup. There’s almost no capsaicin in it, I doubt if there are more than 10000 Scovilles of heat to a pack.

McD’s is the physical embodiment of “lowest common denominator”. Their primary appeal was being cheap and predictable, and these days they’re not even cheap.

Dude, I laughed WAY harder at that punch line than I would have expected. One of the many reasons I love this comic.

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