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Well, it’s Leap Day. When I’m writing this anyway. Did you all commit your Leap Day murders? Remember, real life is for March. I got mine done, and no one will ever find the body. Thank Caesar for this glorious day of vengeance that comes but once each 4 years. I thwarted all who came for me, and smote my nemesis. I hope you all survived Leap Day and vanquished your foes. I’m already struggling to choose who my next Leap Day victim will be. There are so many to choose from. I regret that I won’t live long enough to see the Ultra Leap Day that will happen in 15000 years. February will have 30 days for the first time since Caesar Augustus stole the 29th for himself, and we get two have two murders that we can’t be prosecuted for. I’m bound to have made new enemies by then! What a lost opportunity…

Anyway, while I wash the blood from my hands, and ponder the horrifying actions I’ve done, I hope you will consider using the links above to support the comic. If you’re afraid you won’t survive Leap Day there’s still time to add Between Failures as a beneficiary in the event of your death. Your sacrifice will not be in vain. Real life starts back up tomorrow. I hope to see you on Monday. If not, well, I will raise a glass to you every 4 years.


Couldn’t murder. Committed all my terrors on the 28th; I was too tired to do anything but rest yesterday ^_^;;

Well, they have abolished leap seconds, so midnights are going to precess around the clock until we need to add a whole new leap day. People will wonder why we call it midnight when the sun is at its highest.

Heh. Absolutely no concern for the penis carrier, upon whose shoulders it generally falls to be responsible for the tone and good will of the evening.

I killed no one yesterday. Well, was no one I set out to kill. Too busy fending off those trying to murder me. Some might have perished as a result of my self-defense methods, I wasn’t really in a position to check.

“Well thank [Him] for me the next time you talk.”

Hadn’t she already done that one panel earlier?

It could be a situation like: Evrina works for a boss, who is a Christian, but she isn’t one herself.
[Maybe she worships someone else…like Zeus, or maybe she is a Buddhist, or maybe she’s something else.]

She might be just joking with Ramon, and saying something like: (Right now, I don’t socialize in the same social circles, that he does. Please give him my best, next time that you see him.)
Maybe some situation like that is happening.

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