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When I was little I got the fingernail torn off of the middle finger on my right hand. It was traumatizing, although I don’t know exactly how it happened. I had some kind of toy car that had a mechanism, possibly like a rip cord, and I stuck my finger where that cord should have gone and somehow it took the fingernail off my finger. I didn’t go to the hospital over it. My parent’s washed it and bandaged it after it stopped bleeding. Eventually the nail grew back, but apparently some kind of nerve damage was done. There is a spot under the nail that has always felt, for lack of a better word, infected. If you’ve ever had a small spot of infection there’s a very specific kind of dull, itchy, pain. That finger has felt that way for 30 some odd years. The other day I decided to slowly cut down my fingernail until I uncovered the place where it itches, just to see if messing with it could fix it, or lessen the feeling. So I’ve cut the fingernail down, almost to the point of bleeding, then let it adapt, and repeating the process until I cut away enough nail to actually touch the spot that used to be under the nail. A chunk of… Something came off of the spot. I’m not sure exactly what it was. It didn’t grow back when I pulled it off and there was no bleeding. It was almost like a callus above the hurt spot. Now it’s just uncovered and I can touch it. It’s just a spot of slightly harder smooth skin. It just sort of feels hurt even though visually nothing appears wrong with it. Whatever is broken about it is on a level too small to be observed. In keeping with my nerve damage theory. I’ve put lotions on it of various types to see if anything makes the sensation stop, but nothing has so far. I will probably just allow it to grow back the way it was since there’s nothing I can do apparently. Although being able to poke at it is kind of cathartic. Maybe I’ll keep it really short so I can jab it from time to time when I want to feel something as a distraction. Anyway, that’s a thing I did. At some point I think I’ll take pictures of it with my microscope and see if there’s anything to see.

What else? I guess I should just remind you that you can support my work via the above links and leave it at that. I’ve got a package that requires a signature coming tomorrow so I’ll have to stay awake when I would usually sleep so I guess I should nap or something. In any case, let’s meet again on Wednesday and see what my made up people are doing. Until then, keep your stick on the ice.


What a story. I’ve never suspected toys could be this dangerous.

Any doctors around?
Keep at it. Sometimes a thorn is also itching but stuck deeper than the eye can see. That would be lucky. You could take it out. Or getting light surgery.
Anyway good luck.

Hand nerve damage sucks. About 2 years ago I had a minor surgery on my non-dominant hand, and now it feels like I’ve got a surgical glove on about half of my ring finger on that hand. (I don’t _wear_ a ring on that hand thankfully). It’s not horrible – people wear surgical gloves all the time and are fine, but I can’t take it off. So my sympathies with your hand thing!

Similar thing here. I got two fingers caught in a collapsing chair 7 years ago, and it took half a year before I could use them again (this is where you discover to what degree you use all 5 fingers for gripping or pushing things), and one of them still hurts if I move it the wrong way.

Good choice Jackie. When I was a kid I channel surfed my way into watching the Hamlet movie with Mel Gibson. It caught me immediately. I watched the whole movie right then and there. To this day it’s still my favorite shakespearian play.

Was helping put a metal roof on a house-church members helping out another. Used to do it for a living and never got particularly hurt. Reached down to grab a piece of metal a couple guys were handing up- they stumbled, and I wound up with a cut tendon. didn’t know for sure, just knew I couldn’t move the tip of my finger. I went to the emergency room-all the way across the street. Doctor sewed it up with a cut tendon-had to see a surgeon later to fix it- mostly.

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