“He can keep his mental illness to himself.”


Yeah that’s a dang good line. I gotta remember that one.

That’s going into my repertoire of insults.

Alas, mental illnesses may be infectious (in the classic germ sense of infectious diseases but still…), they are quite common (it’s unlikely, though, that everyone who annoys you is suffering from one) and are often quite serious. Please be nice.

Except if they’re assholes.

The “robotopsy” speech balloon looks like its coming from the bear.

I can’t tell of it’s creepy, or advanced.

Now I can’t unsee it.. it almost looks like he’s using it like a puppet..

And now I just want Reggie to join Mike and Ed in their puppet shenanigans. He’d be playing the part of very annoyed, grumpy, straight man of course
(Straight man being used as in the comedic term)

Can’t really fault Boothe there. Thomas would be the first to commend his caution… hell, I think he rather did when they touched on the matter.

ironically, I find myself under the belief that Reggie and Thomas have always shared a similar neurodivergency, or as he said, mental illness

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