Eh, I have no problem with Reggie. He seems to get the gist of the adversarial forces being (landlord) v. (Rulette and other tenants).

The happenstance of Rulette coming along tonight could lead to the ounce of prevention needed to keep this place from collapsing or burning down. And unlike that abandoned school, there are others’ lives or property involved.

I’m biased, since I’m in a related industry, but: a building collapsed in Louisiana THIS WEEK killing somebody. Inspections and doing the needed work right BEFORE problems arise is vital. Reggie is being intense here, but it’s a needed intensity. You don’t mess around with building codes.

To be honest this is kind of reason why I like Reggie. He is intense about something but you can see that it because he cares about the safety of the place and such, he doesnt really care about who is going to pay for the repairs or he has an scheme to buy the property. Hr just wants the place to be safe.

And he is like that for must of things when he is a dick he is going to be a dixk infront of you, no need to do it behind your back, if he likes someone he just tells her she has his attention.

To be honest I would like to be this kind of honest in certaim situations.

I’ve become gradually conflicted about Reggie. I still can’t say I “like” him, but I can’t claim to actively “dislike” him anymore either. Why must you fill my life with existential crises…?

He develops his characters. All of them. Maybe that’s a big part of what keeps us coming back. Well, that and full figured and statuesque or pixieish females.

Wow – I actually LIKE this version of Reggie.
Mostly he’s a bit of an inept jerk in the earliest comics, but as the comic has continued, Jackie has deepened the characters, made them a bit real – so we begin to care about them.

There’s a reason this has been and still remains among the top200 comics on Top Web Comics. It’s actually a bit surprising it doesn’t consistently stay in the top 100.

When Reggie isn’t at Megatainment assembling the ladder to climb to his “empire” he is a much more put-up-able sort of person.

(And I don’t know if I’d help Reggie assemble and climb a ladder. Sounds dangerous.)

Just make sure it isn’t a ladder made of kindling, or stuff like that!

I think, with Reggie’s proven past propensity for disaster, him assembling anything made with a flammable material would be extremely fraught …

Or him assembling anything made with electrically conductive material …

Well, really anything that could be dangerous …

Actually I think maybe the same approach to participating in a Disaster Area rock concert is called for here — anyone with a bunker willing to take in refugees?

The safest building material you could go with for Reg is Badgers.
Nobody wants Badgers, so there should be a surplus number of Badgers available that he could be assembled into something climbable.
Okay that was extremely silly but for some reason Badgers entered my consciousness and it needed an outlet. –
A UHF reference. Shocking eh?

Reggie reminds me of that kind of person who doesn’t know how to stand FOR anything, he only knows how to stand AGAINST something.

Which…well, Ed isn’t too dissimilar there, so it’s no wonder they get along like two things that don’t get along at all.

Some say that the [actual] art of ninjutsu is like that-
It is sometimes called- the way of the coward.
The skills you learn are to hide, + strike from the shadows. Another skill is doing unarmed combat, but the focus is [evading strikes +/or punches, + countering attacks], but not focusing on direct attacks.

(My apologies, if any are needed, to those who practice the ninjas’ arts).

And remember kids: Real Ninjas Wear Blue! (Gaijin Goombah on youtube)
It’s more like a navy or midnight blue, not actually black because then they wouldn’t blend in with the night sky as well. Also always remember to look up…most people won’t or don’t think to look above a 45° angle.

I genuinely can’t tell if this is a legit comment, or another bot that stole a comment from youtube…

This is probably a misplaced comment regarding the color of ninjas in one of the comment threads. However,’…until everything went navy/midnight blue’ doesn’t work as well for wordplay.

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