A little guy of DANGER!

…that could be a pretty kickass movie. Warwick Davis is…A Little Guy of Danger! Give him something to do since they botched Willow so hard.

This is character growth. As Ed started this comic with a known case of Little Guy Syndrome. For him to be able to joke about it is a good sign.

*Ramon goes sheet white: ‘They Both want ‘Danger’ You’re Sure?!’
Evrina: ‘Yes one regular sized, one small.’
Ramon: ‘Did you warn them?’
Evrina:’No I want it to be a surprise, they are on a date after all.’

Heheh. This really calls out one thing I loved about the last page, Evrina and Ed just fit in a panel together really well. Watch out for descending Ninas.

I appreciate the razor thin lines of boob wubble surrounding Ervina in these pages.

It’s the little things in life. The little things next to the big things.

I bet:
if Evrina wore this outfit, while working in Rulette’s [role-playing game] shop- that Rulette’s customers would beg Evrina to never leave!

I recognized that reference. Poetic last words.

I wasn’t trying to reference anything so now I want to know what the reference is…. T^T

**Grim topics follow**

I think that the, “…Let’s cross over the river…”-quote was part of the last words, of General Stonewall Jackson, in the [American] civil war.
[He was a soldier in the Confederates’ army].

He was shot 3 times on one day, [by rifles or muskets, I guess], + died from these injuries about 8 days later.
I think this was sort of a calm + peaceful thing that he had said.

If you look at the “Stonewall Jackson” article, on Wikipedia, Wikip. has more info on these famous words.

I thought he meant in the comic. Most people don’t comment on the blog posts except regulars. I’m well aware of the source of that quote.

I’m just asking because I’m uncertain: did I make you unhappy with my comment? If I did, that wasn’t my intention.

No, I just misunderstood the comment chain.

I see.
Thank you. :)
Sometimes I miss people’s emotional tone, or their emotional tones, when I read them.
It’s sort of like Charlie Chaplin’s idea, where he says: there’s a difference when someone says-“This is a wonderful country to live in”…said ironically, and when someone says-“This is a wonderful country to live in”…said sincerely.
Sometimes, when I read things, I miss those emotional tones.
Thank you. :)

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