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Here’s my idea: pizza places that cater to furries, with really high quality robot performers. There’s got to be enough furverts out there to support such a venture by now. Or perhaps I’ve been too long on these internets, and my perspective is forever warped. XD

Anyway, I don’t have anything particularly important to say, so links above for support, stay safe out there, and don’t let the bastards grind you down.


I am in on your pizza for furries idea. We can combine it with my hot tub ice cream parlor

Hm- I’m sitting in a hot Jacuzzi, + then I put cold, ice cream in my body. (Shiver. Shiver.)

Before you offer these stores to the public, please have people do testing, to make sure the different temperatures that are working on their bodies, don’t put them into shock. [Eep!]
Nothing like a fainted customer, to mess up my day. :)

I don’t care much about furries either way… which means, if such a pizza place was in the area, and their pizza was good (and reasonably priced), I’d probably buy it.

People like me could probably make it work financially, too.

According to Disney, if you make the animatronics out of standardized parts and you have the room to store them, you can keep an animatronic functional for a long time. That’s why the animatronics on it’s a small world and Pirates of the Caribbean still work and exist.

Jackie, as a furry myself that suggestion makes me smile on a day when nothing else has been able to accomplish the deed. I can only hope that one day it happens.

the only issue I see with the idea is density logistics
being on the internet, we know there’s a lot of furries out there, and they congregate really well online
but they’re probably decently spread out physically offline, other than big urban centers

like up here in Canada, I could see it maybe taking off in Vancouver. potentially Toronto too. basically nowhere else in this country is gonna have the amount of people necessary

I don’t know anything abut furries, but I do know one thing about nerds. Nerds would want to discuss, perhaps argue, all the technical construction and perhaps design details. Perhaps even more than actually properly paying and enjoying such an establishment.

With the amount of disposal income furries generally have (especially commissioning terrible artists for stupid money), I’m surprised there isn’t a chain already.

Are we not going to talk about Chuck E. Cheese??
When these characters were introduced as furries, I told the wife I wanted to don a fursuit and prance about the house as a furwolf. She told me in no uncertain terms that if I became a furry, we would no longer be married. And she was dead set serious. This was a deal breaker……
Truth be told, I’m not furry material, but I would like to design a fursuit.

Or you could just do a call for guys willing to work in leather straps and dog masks only. Probably a lot cheaper. You might at a guess even get an Army sponsorship.

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