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In the first pass at this page in panel two Maddi was just standing there because that was funny to me. Reggie May, or may not, be making a fat joke. I’ll let you decide. He’s taken the advice of letting puns speak for themselves. Anyway, then the idea of Maddi blurting out “I like bears.” came to me and I thought that was funny too. So I guess you can say that there are layers of comedy you can pick and choose from. If nothing else, Maddi getting the punch lines is cute.

You know what else is cute? My bank account. You should support my work and punt money in my bank account so it will say UWU. XD Links above as always.

Anyway, what day is it? Thursday? Yeah, so this is Friday’s page. That’s right. Okay, so we’ll be parted over the weekend again. Dangerous time, weekends. Things can happen. Be careful out there. Watch your back. Stay alert. I want to see you back here on Monday. Okay? Very good. Later taters.


This project could snowball, new heads, repaired hydraulic actuators, another volunteer to replace the old piano roll and magtape system with a digital controller programmed by smartphone, and maybe Jo designs new performances that let her inner star shine while she stays safely out of the spotlight.
Just some thoughtses.

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