1430 Hot Water.

Nina is trying to make this as easy on Jo as she can. Not too easy though.

The teen bought me some Scooby Doo Legos. Possibly with my own money… In any event, it reminded me how much I liked Scooby Doo when I was a kid. It’s one of the few shows we both watched when we were little. In fact she was so picky her mother used to trick her in to eating mundane food by naming it after Scooby Doo. The most infamous is Scooby Casserole, which is chicken casserole, with cracker crumbs on top. Anyway, I would have gone apeshit for Scooby Legos as a kid. There were never any good Scooby toys. Except for the Legos that’s still true. The other figures tend to fall just short of capturing the look of the show. The best toy I ever found was a McDonalds Scooby I got out of a junk bin. Most of the things I loved as a kid have been shit on in various ways, from the Bay Transformers, to the Star Wars movies. Of course Scooby Doo almost missed that. Until the last 10 minutes of the first movie. Up until then it was not that bad.

As soon as I started putting the set together my brain started writing an episode of the show. It’s totally ingrained in my psyche. Plus I have enough random Lego people that I had enough for the cast of an episode. The only issue was that I only have Shaggy and Scooby. So it would have to be one of those late season series where they dropped three of the other cast members. (and maybe added a little boy of possibly Latin descent.) (and Vincent Price.)


That’s one way to help Jo dry off Nina.

Huh, I can go back but then the last page has no go forward arrow button?

And if I go a couple pages back the arrows forward return but the go to latest takes me to the last one?? Oh well, I’m sure it will sort itself out at some point…

at the risk of being *highly* suggestive (or just plain dirty) I think Jo picturing nina in the shower is gonna have the opposite of a drying effect.

Hee hee hee.
I never thought of that!
If Jo + Jess like multiple partners, they can all zoom into the shower with Nina, for some very, steamy times. : )

I’m now picturing some of the BF cast as the Scooby gang at a Halloween party. The rest of the cast are dressed as Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s support cast-who were also known as ‘the Scooby gang’ .

Lemme guess. Carol Fred. Nina Daphne. Brooksie Velma. John Shaggy. Ed and Reggie fighting over who’s Scooby and who’s Scrappy. Mike the celebrity guest star. And Thomas as the evil mastermind of his own design with unwilling Wes henchman.

Carol can also double as the Ghostly pirate, or the ghostly zombie, who says, in his/her raspy voice:

” Get……Off……This……Island !!!!”

It depends on how you’re matching them up.

Nina most closely matches Daphne’s build but Daphne never seemed to have any personality and Personality is Nina’s forte.

Freddy’s the same thing. John would probably be the best physical match, and Tomas matches Freddy’s nominal leadership role, though nobody is really a good match for Freddy

I wouldn’t wish Daphne or Freddy on anyone, really. The character roles are Velma, Shaggy and Scooby.

Carol matches Velma’s build most closely but Jo seems otherwise THE match to Velma.

Shaggy’s closest match is Reggie, really. You’d have to subtract Reggie’s ego though.

Which sort of makes Ed Scooby by default.

Both Ed and Reggie can be made to do things they wouldn’t want to do with the promise of treats.

Reggie’s ego is reserved for the Villain of the week and Mike is the befuddled Sheriff who hauls the bad guy off.

Scrappy Do is evil which means he can only be Wes.

Daphne sort of had a personality. She was Danger Prone Daphne and was a bit of a collector of the odd. While she doesn’t have quite as strong a personality as she does in the later series, she’s not really generic so much as out of focus.

Soon all eyes will be on Nina in a towel.

Do they even make towels big enough for her?

I don’t think Nina is too worries about towel fit. Everybody in the room is part of her target demographic…even Jess, though Nina probably has different reasons for each.

Scooby doo and the thirteen ghosts was one my fav versions of Scooby doo as a kid. That was back when I still thought Scrappy was awesome. Currently though I’d say Mystery Inc. maybe the best version of the show and it’s criminal that it never got a second season.

Mystery Inc got, like 3 seasons, I think. I’ll have to look. In any case it had an honest to God ending.

Two seasons, but it had an ending.

Thirteen ghosts is one of my favorite series as well. It’s what got me watching Vincent Price movies in the first place. I wish that series had an ending.

If you like trivia: Arte Johnson played the ghost named, Weerd, in “13 ghosts…”.

Arte Johnson also played the german-soldier guy, in the 1960s TV show: “Laugh-in”.

[ Cricket sounds. Cricket sounds.]

Charming Jo is Charming and Disarming.

Man, I love her cute expression in the last panel. Ohhh, those eyes!

Not to mention her adorable, red ears.

Apartment house. Hot water is seldom an issue, especially this late in the morning.

But Nina in a towel purchased for Ed? Priceless.

I was never a fan of Scooby Doo. Maybe it came too late in my upbringing. I do know why I refer to House as Scooby Doo, M.D. Every week, it was the same thing. House would grumble and fidget, the rest of his ‘Mystery’ team of misinformed M.D.s would fumble and violate the Hippocratic Oath or Inman’s Maxim a half dozen new ways. In the end, House would always unmask the real disease, which probably should have snarled, “I would have made it, too, if it wasn’t for those meddlesome Docs!”

First for the previous Teen Corners:

Hi again Teen! Congrats for the part of Queen of Hearts and for being in the volleyball team! <3 Things are going your way, it seems. You deserve it! And remember to enjoy every day of your high school life 'cause you get all these years to be an adult but only those years to be a kid. Your comment for me was really thoughtful, about not giving up my dreams yet, as I'm still quite young. The thing is, recently I've been sort of at the crossroad of my life, because what I want is to be in med school, but Finnish med school is insanely hard to get to, 7% of the applicants get in. I was straight A-student in the US easily without studying, and I had pretty good GPA in Finland too, but my final exams went south for many reasons, my last year of high school I got into a traffic accident that required two surgeries and I missed half of the year, and I didn't care to study (at that time, my anxiety disorder was out of hand). So it turns out, my choices weren't so good in the long term, as you get additional points for good performance in final exams when applying to medical school. So I've spent so many years trying and getting nothing back, but then again, I should study harder instead of focusing on everything else in the planet. :p I've always been a bit impulsive. But at least I always stay positive! ;) Or try to.. I'm one of those "glass half full" people. Anyway, I loved your thoughtfulness! You are very wise for someone young. You have all the doors open for you, the college system there is so much better than over here, so what's your dream? :)

As for Jackie and my favorite comic:

I love Brooksie's facial expressions! :D You can read so much on her face there, and I absolutely loved the dickcentric revolution on yesterday's page! Thomas and Carol are just so cute together. I don't blame Nina for shipping them, not at all! :3

Oh noes, no hot water for Nina! The hot water thing was one thing I found really weird in the States. I mean, I once got yelled at for complying my host family's younger kids request to shower before him, and as it left him with a little hot water, which I didn't know at the time, I got yelled at by my host mom.
(In Finland hot water is, well.. unending supply, let's just say that because I don't know how the water plant actually heats it and why it doesn't stop coming).

The interesting thing is, I got yelled at for complying to a kid's request, even if he was my host family brother, because he wasn't an adult and stuff like that. He was 13 and I was taught when I was little that when you are a guest, you should listen the host and even the kids of the host if they are old enough to be sure of their choices. :D I guess cultural differences or something. I remember liking Scooby Doo as a child, but as for legos, they really f*n hurt if you step on them. :D I remember that I'd rather imagine my room with my stuffed toys as a military-controlled/authoritarian state and there were mandatory military exorcises for them and stuff! :D I was a weird child, I know. Very well-informed one too, as I mirrored everything I knew about the Kosovo conflict and the Philippine hostage drama into my imagination-made city state. I guess my grandma watched a lot of news. Or something. :p

(ps. I'm in a bit of a rush, so I apologize for everything I might've spelled wrong.)

I can see that- I’m a guy over 20, but I’d probably do the things asked of me, by a 13-year-old host, as well. *shrugs*

I’m kind of into fictional war films, so I’d kind of like to see lego playsets that are set up to look like Kosovo’s or The Philippines’ conflicts…I guess I’m kind of silly, that way. :D

Not silly, those war-lego-sets would be awesome.. :D “you can decide who the bad guy is – is it Putin? Maybe Poroshenko? Al Qaida wants to fight IS, sure.. NATO having a huge military exercise and Russia having one right after” that would be interesting to build into legos to say the least.. but sometimes life is stranger than fiction. :D I guess this is one of those times.

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