1429 HI!

Oh shit, son! A thing happened! Of course this is only traumatic for Brooksie… Maybe Jess and Ed sympathetically. For Nina this is like eating a power bar.

I got fitted with a new mask for my sleep machine today. I got it done at the actual hospital, where they have more than 2 masks. I got a new kind that’s really just tubes into my nose. I think that this will finally change my fortunes for the better as far as sleep apnea is concerned.

It was a hot day, but there was cloud cover, so I was able to stay out longer than I have been for a while, and it didn’t take as long for me to cool down when I got ovedrheated. My body actually made a decent effort towards regulating my temperature, so I must be getting better.

Hasbro finally started releasing My Little Pony mini figures that are based directly on the show. Seems like it’s a little late though. Are people still in to it? I don’t see many people talking about it anymore. I know some of you liked the show. It just seems like after The Hub closed down people stopped caring.

As long as I’m at it, The new Star Wars stuff, excited? I feel like people are holding back because they’ve been hurt before.

The teen doesn’t want to post tonight so it’s just me, who hasn’t been doing a lot of things worth talking about.

So I’ll see you in the comments, I guess.


I dunno about the show, but as someone who regularly hangs out at a comic shop I can tell you that the newer version of My Little Pony still quite a strong fan base.

I’m calling it now, she’s about to find a way to hide under Jessie’s bed as soon as the shock wears off.

“Secret Cutejutsu Art: Ninjo Vanish!”

*Large cloud of violet and purple smoke*
*Brooksie is gone and just a towel is left to be reclaimed by sudden gravity*

Well, Brooksie likes to know all the secrets as early as her Ninjo Arts will allow it. Fairs, fair. ;)

That is awesome! I expect something more like my cat which will bullet for under the bed at the first sight of strangers.

Just don’t trip while you run away naked! That sort of ruins the show. :)

Go Speed Jolene! Go Speed Jolene!

Go Speed Jolene…GOooooo!

I don’t know much about MLP fandom, but I do know that I enjoy the show.

The fandom can be surprisingly factional, but even if the casuals have largely died out, there’s still a dedicated fanbase. We are legion.

I started watching it to embarrass my kids, same with Pretty Cure, but I found I actually enjoyed it far more than I thought I would.

The Hub shut its doors? Wow. Well, that explains… Come to think of it, I stopped caring after TF: Prime was finished… Hmm…


Being almost nude, in front of your coworker, is probably not on Jo’s schedule, today.

[ I’ve talked about it before, but]: I like the look of Nina’s cute eyes + nose.

I think she’d look really cool in a Gadget Hackwrench [tm] costume. :D

If you pay attention, it’s possible to hear Brooksie’s heartbeats…

Yeah, those ones that sound like hysterical church bells.

Oh yeah, MLP is still going strong. The show has been on hiatus the last couple months for a mid-season-five-break, but as far as I can tell, the fandom’s just as active as ever. And with the season about to start up again and a new EqG movie coming out in a few weeks, I think it’s in pretty good shape.

Is it just me, or does it seem as if Brooksie dropped her towel there on the last panel?

I think the zoom-in on her face has placed the towel just below the panel border.
Panel one, you can see it’s tucked tightly enough to hold itself up while her arms are ever-so-slightly raised. While in panel three her arms are down, which would hold the towel even more securely.

But the thought of a Brooksie in the buff? Well, she is a cutie, so think whatever you like. =)

Yeah, MLP is still a thing. It’s just that the series is in the middle of a break now, so the fandom has quieted down some.

If you have to use CPAP, then it’s not just reaction. If you have good insurance, see an ENT. I was on allergy treatments for 25+ years until they were finally under control. I also had a couple surgeries – the most dramatic was having all the sinus openings . . . opened. When air flows properly, the allergen can get cleared from your system, and your reactions lessen.
Oh, and you breath better at night. There are some recovery (I had nasty vertigo as the long term swelling lessened around my inner ear) but life is much better afterwards. Much better.

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