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A lot of erection talk in this section. Things got a little more dickcentric than I anticipated… He’s gonna be too tired to do much I’m afraid.

Just so you guys know, I mostly want the credit card for the online fraud protection. Since I do a lot of business online using my debit card isn’t the safest way to pay. If someone got my particulars it could put me in a tight spot. Building a credit score is just an afterthought. On the rare occasions where I need to make a major purchase I try to pay it off in a go. I haven’t needed to buy anything major since my truck. Anyway, you can get into a lot of trouble if your bank account gets compromised. I don’t have a lot to lose, but if I lost it I would be boned.

Teen Corner

three days in a row ive posted are you shocked yet? so I had play auditions yesterday and guess what? I got the part I am officialy the queen of hearts! I’m super excited for this part, I have like 61 lines which isn’t to bad. Guess what else I got today? my volleyball jersey! I’m officially a wiley panther volleyball player to. I’m honestly in a pretty great mood today. I aced my Spanish quiz and passed my u.s. history quiz score for the teen! I managed to trip on air twice today and once yesterday proving once again I am not a coordinated person, which almost everyone should know by now I am not known for being graceful. I had art today and finally started my wood burning of two love birds, its actually coming out pretty good so far, I managed to burn myself twice so proving again not coordinated. volleyball practice was good today more on the easy side give my fat butt a break, got to work on my serves a bit. the coaches are being tough this year though, they are determined to have a winning team, no loses which I understand I suppose. in biology 2 we went out looking for insects for our insect collections me and my partner got a dragon fly and a praying mantis. I still feel bad catching insects and freezing them till they die but I gotta do it so oh well guess I better suck it up. i’m really ready for the weekend not gonna lie I’m sick of getting up at 5:30 already its like I go to get up and my bed tries to pull me back down. it just calls my name pitifully, sleep, sleep and I’m just like I’m sorry bed I have to go to school its the law. I cant wait for Friday, one of my favorite bands has a new album coming out and I’m just dying to have it, hopefully I don’t end up disappointed. time for me and Jackie to enjoy a little comedy, it tends to be our nightly routine. anyways my bed is calling my name goodnight all


Good point about the credit card. I do a lot of business online as well, so I’ve created a completely separate account (at my credit union). With a debit card attached. I’ve done everything I can to insulate it from any of my other financial information. It doesn’t have overdraft protection, I only make cash deposits, and use the card for all my online transactions. I know it’s likely to get hacked someday (as online accounts tend to do), but I’m limiting my exposure to only the resources in that particular account.

At least that’s the theory.

My bank has a service that provides just this, but a bit more comfortably. I have a virtual card linked to my real one that I can charge through their net interface. Practically what T-Ray described above. You might want to ask your bank if they have a similar service so that you don’t have to open a separate account. Especially since they might charge you for transfers between accounts (they don’t charge me for putting money on my virtual card).

Call me paranoid, but bank transfers leave a record on a database somewhere of where the money came from. That’s why I only make cash deposits into my “online” account. If I need to make a transfer, it’s a cash withdrawal and a cash deposit on two separate transactions. It may be more inconvenient, but nobody said paranoia was easy.

Good points concerning credit cards.

My turn: I understand the resistance to ‘store’ credit cards. I’m not sure I’d want, say, a Mal*Wart card. That said, my most used credit card is issued by Cabelas. Yes, I know, they’re evil because they sell guns, (and I’m evil ’cause I buy them there). They also have one of the lowest APRs in the business (I live in Connecticut where usury isn’t a crime, it’s a revenue stream), and of course, no annual fee. The trick is, they have their own bank. You can’t get a card from this bank except through Cabelas.

Worth adding to your list for consideration.

Just to advise you on the debate regarding credit card Vs debit card. I work in the industry and remarkably most card users do not know their rights regarding them. Especially when it comes to chargebacks.

You are protected by Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act whenever you make a purchase for goods or services worth between £100 and £30,000 using your credit card.

Section 75 states that you and your credit card provider are ‘jointly and severally liable’ for your purchase, meaning if something should go wrong, your credit card provider must refund you if the retailer won’t.

In terms of ‘things going wrong’ this includes cases when the goods you have paid for fail to materialise, are poor quality, or are in some other way inadequate. In all such cases your credit card provider is legally required to refund your money.

As such the way in which your credit card purchases are protected is very black and white, but when it comes to debit cards, it’s more of a grey area.

How are debit card purchases protected you may ask?

While credit card purchases are protected under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, debit card purchases don’t qualify for this protection simply because they don’t form part of a credit agreement.

However, most debit card providers are starting to offer a form of protection when you make purchases using your card.

You have some protection for purchases made using Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro debit cards, through something called Chargeback. (There is a similar purchase protection scheme in place for Amex charge cards.)

The scheme makes it possible for you to claim a refund if a purchase made using your debit card is unsatisfactory, if you are billed multiple times, if you don’t receive goods you’ve paid for, or if your card is used fraudulently.

You can claim a refund for any amount of money so it can also be invoked if you have problems with a credit card purchase over £30,000 or under £100 in value.

Remember that any protection offered isn’t a legal obligation (like Section 75 for credit cards) but an in-house rule: this means that the exact rules for chargeback schemes vary by card provider, so you should make sure you are aware of your debit card’s chargeback rules.

If you want to make a claim, you’ll have to contact the bank who provided you with the card within 120 days of when your goods should have been delivered. If the goods are faulty or your card was used fraudulently, contact your bank within 120 days of when you are first made aware of this.

Ask them to initiate the Chargeback process and a dispute will be opened by your bank, who will investigate the matter and refund your money when this is settled.

If your Chargeback claim fails, you can take it to the Financial Ombudsman Service within six months of being notified.

Dear teen –

Don’t worry too much about catching insects. If the reports are correct, about 80% of all animals on the earth are insects so you are not making a dent in the population. Also, the insects you caught have a very short life span anyway. You aren’t shortening it that much. Sexual cannibalism is common among most predatory species of mantises in captivity. It has sometimes been observed in the field, where about a quarter of male-female encounters result in the male’s being eaten by the female. By taking out one mantis, you either saved a male for a while from being eaten (if you caught a female). Or gave a male mantis a nice peaceful death. ;-)

I think Carol and Nina ganged up on the poor author and made the subject go this way.


The Teen: All hail to the Queen, Baby! :D (or OOOOFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!)

Will you be doing a different queen for Halloween?

Sucks about the insects. Praying Mantises are kind of hard to even see around here.

Hey have you looked at simple.com? I use a card from them for online transactions for the exact reason you stated. It’s basically a cross between a bank account and a pre-paid visa card. It has account and routing numbers, but no overdraft is possible when its out of money its just out. You can transfer money to and from your bank and it pretty easily. You get a visa debt card you can actually lock and unlock instantly via app, notifications near to instantly when money is spent, it’s also nice for travel. The one time someone got the card number I saw the phone notification for money spent in Alaska, locked the card and contacted support though the app in about 5 minutes. I had my money back before the end of day and a new card in my hand within two days.

All of my online purchases are done with a visa gift card, which was purchased at Walmart.

You can reload it, with cash and then it is not tied to any information that you do not wish to give out.

If the site requires a normal credit card, then I don’t bother. And find another site.

Which doesn’t do alot for your credit rating, but IMHO credit is overrated anyway. The main reason I have such a good credit rating is because I don’t use it.

I boosted my credit with a signature loan and a second checking account. As I stated in the other day.

Plus not having any unpaid or late charges. On any of my bills

I do have a card that I use for gas and such, but online.. not really.

I would strongly recommend just going to your bank and asking them to set up a credit card for you. The difference between Visa and MasterCard is virtually irrelevant and most of the point systems don’t amount to much of anything. However, being able to link your credit card to your bank account and easily check balances and transfer funds from your computer instead of having to travel to at least one bank if not to is the sort of thing that tends to matter.

So, Carol leads the local cell of Lenore Goldberg’s Girl Commandos? Woohoo!

And Sunday was R. Crumb’s birthday, too. :D

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