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This joke is so good. Like, it may not be laugh out loud funny, or whatever, but to me this is peak comedy. I love this kind of wordplay so much. Stuff like this is what keeps me in the game. Even if no one else gets it, or thinks it’s funny, this is beautiful to me. I love reading things like it. This is the kind of thing I seek out in other people’s work.

A lot of the lines in the comics are things I could come up with on the fly in conversation, but this one isn’t. The reason isn’t that I couldn’t think of the premise in the seconds you have in a conversation, it’s that I can’t translate numbers to words in my head very fast. 80085 takes me several moments to work out how to say as words. I’ve always had a problem with translating numerical concepts into verbal ones. In any other area I’m pretty quick on the draw and in primary school scored above average, but I had to have special homework for maths. And the thing is it’s not that I can’t do it it’s that people teach math according to how their brain procceses math, so the standard methods don’t work for me because my brain doesn’t naturally understand why you would work things out in the accepted order. For years I struggled to count back change at work, until an older guy told me how to do it the way he did it and suddenly it was like everything fell into place. All the problem came down to was people always telling me to do it in a way that ran counter to how my brain works.

Speaking of numbers I need more of them in my bank account. So please support my work via the links above. In addition to the struggling economy Patreon has been doing shady shit that made payment processors screw up payments for people, so I’m going to need ever more help. Guh.

Anyway, I don’t have anything particularly interesting to report in my regular life, so I’ll leave you to pursue your own dreams till next we meet. Farewell wherever you fare.


I tutored math during the one semester of college I managed to finish. There was a class there called “Math for Elementary School Teachers” and it was all about alternative teaching methods for when the normal ones fail. I flipped through the textbook when we had downtime, and while some things didn’t make sense to me right away (“normal” math always clicked for me), eventually I could see how it worked for those who didn’t have that click.

From what I understand elementary math education has gone largely the other way with Common Core. Like, I think trying to teach math a variety of ways so everyone has the chance to find the way that “clicks” with them is a good idea. The implementation, from what I’ve heard, however, is abysmal, because they want every student to be able to pass a test that requires them to use EVERY method that gets taught, which just so horribly misses the point of teaching a variety of methods that I’m not even sure where to BEGIN to point out all the idiocy there.

You *should* be able to find the method that works for you, and so long as you consistently apply it, you get the correct answer, and so long as you are able to get the correct answer that SHOULD be all that matters. But they don’t care whether you CAN find the correct answer, they want you to have mastery of every single possible METHOD to find the correct answer, which is of literally no use to ANYBODY outside of educators who need to be able to teach every method. It’s positively absurd.

I like the joke, I TRULY do…. But it needs to be Eighty-thousand and Eighty fives.

Otherwise it’s just BOBS.

That’s what it says. Did you misread it?

I swear to Grob I read it twice, once extra to make sure, then when I posted I looked again and it was Eighty. I’d hoped you’d corrected between me reading and posting, but instead it looks like I misread twice and feel extra foolish, sorry.

Now I’m actually curious as to what method that older guy taught you to count back money at the counter, and what method you were struggling with.

I haven’t had to do it in so long I actually can’t remember. I could probably recall if I sat here long enough and thought about it.

Well done, sir. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I laughed out loud.

In my school, it was 8,008,135 (Eight million eight thousand one hundred thirty fives), but yours takes up less space on the page, so I get it.

“Two big, natural, eighty thousand and eighty-fives” right after “roll a natural twenty” is the funniest damn thing I’ve read in weeks. I literally had the gears grinding in my head for about five seconds before it clicked and then I laughted until my sides hurt.

Bravo, Jackie!

I’ve dealt with a situation like Mike’s before. Tried to include a friend’s gf into our gaming group. She wasn’t much fun to play with (barely ever tried to engage, even when we were encouraging her to,) and then they broke up. Thankfully, since she never engaged, it was easy to retire her character from the story

Thomas in his head: But what do I know? I’m currently risking my job to be with a girl, totally worth it but still…

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