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Let’s see. I want to make notes on some things in case old me ever looks back over these blogs.

The other day Paul Reubens died of cancer. Best known for playing Pee-Wee Herman on stage and screen. However my favorite role of his was as the villain Pavel on Tron: Uprising. For any young people finding my work later, you can’t understand how unique he was at the time of his greatest popularity. He walked the line in the role of Pee-Wee between charming and irritating deftly. Everyone could do an impression of him. Additionally he was a contemporary, and friend, of people like Cassandra Peterson (Elvira), Laurence Fishburn, and Phil Hartman. Tragically the character that brought him the most success caused him to be passed over for many roles and he was never able to show off the true scope of his talent. That is a risk you take when creating an iconic character, and one you can rarely avoid.

Also the website/series Feminist Frequency concluded today, having never fulfilled its promised goals after 14 years or so. It was helmed by a divisive, cancerous, person who helped make the years following its creation much worse than they needed to be and also helped launch the careers of several people who rose up to combat the FF message. For good or ill we are now stuck with those people who show no signs of fading away. In my opinion the net result of the entire affair was culturally negative. It made me feel like even more of an outcast in communities I already had a fraught relationship with. As the social pendulum begins to swing the other way I expect the bridges burnt will not be repaired.

I guess that’s about it as far as historical notes go. There’s nothing particularly important to report IRL, so I’ll leave you to your own devices. As always, please support my work via the links above. Also, if you are already a patron, you might check the status of your pledge since Patreon cannot seem to do its primary job of getting its users paid. Generally a payment that is declined will be attempted again a few days later, but if it still refuses to process you may need to contact Patreon. Guh. Please don’t leave me to fend for myself in this cruel world. I have no skills.


Is that the people that came up with that stupid Bechdel Test? Also, I think I’m first.

No, that is much older. But it was made and run by people with the same mentality. At least publicly; there are a few reasons to suspect them of basically running a con, using political messaging as their cover, so who knows if they really believe what they say.

The Bechdel Test was a joke test made by Bechdel talking about how limited the roles for women in fictional media were at the time. From the comic “Dykes to Watch Out For.”

I wasn’t even aware Feminist Frequency was still a thing. Last I even remembered of it was everyone that invested money into it begin upset that it was taking so long to make the videos to begin with.

Since I’m online so much more often than the average person I see a lot more of this stuff over time. The complete saga is quite a tale indeed.

My favorite paul role was the Trimaxian Drone Ship or “Max” from Flight of the navigator.

I bought that movie for my husband for his birthday a few years ago lol

Interesting, because I bought it for my wife.

Did not know he did the voice of the ship. But I would’ve sworn on any stack of Bibles you cared to find that Fred Savage played the boy. Someone informed me that was not the case, and it jostled the underpinnings of my world a little more than it should’ve.

I hadn’t even heard that Pee Wee died. The part I will never forget is his portrayel of Amilyn in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie. The sight of him writhing around acting (intentionally badly) out his protracted death always put a smile on my face. RIP Paul.

People also forget Paul Reubens’ brief foray as a superhero.

Never forget The Spleen.

And yes, Feminist Frequency was an awful little aberration and I’m glad it’s gone. It’s a shame the cancer it left in its wake is still here.

Probably “Fucked” but it doesn’t have to be. Thomas is a bit of a prisoner of his past. He can’t imagine a breakup that isn’t screaming, crying, angry and bitter and that sort of breakup pushes one or both of the parties out of the group. And without Rulette there isn’t a group.

OTOH rulette seems the sort of girl you can have an amiable breakup with.

My favorite Rubens role is The Spleen in Mystery Men.

But a close second is as Amilyn, the vampire in the 1992 “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” movie with Kristy Swanson and Rutger Hauer.

His death throes thru the credits kill me every time.

Friend dynamics with RPG groups is something playing out in EGS:NP right now, the 3 or 4 panel sidestory for El Goonish Shive. They just wrapped up their first game together and now they’re going next door from the game shop to eat.

I would absolutely agree that the net effect on culture from the result of feminist frequency is net negative

at the same time, I can’t help but feel like any sort of widespread conversation about feminism in conjunction with video games, even from a much more amicable person, would still bring about the same sort of backlash

One of the problems now is that feminism itself is no longer just one thing. It’s an array of different sects with varying levels of toxicity. You have those who just want to be treated fairly all the way to those who want to penalize others so they can have power. FF was very much based on a desire for wealth and power. The people who just wanted female characters to have armor that covered their asses, as an option, rarely got any attention. Ultimately, in any conflict, the people who desire money, power, and control, will rise to the top of the conversation and poison it for their own gain.

That reminds me of a creation of DC Comics, [as sort of a alternative history of the original DCC’s superheroes?], named Earth-11 aka Earth 11.

[I think Earth 11 started in Superman/Batman [comic books] numbers 23 + 24, around 2007 or 2005.]

On Earth 11: the majority of the planet’s superheroes are women, [to explore a world where most of the superheroes are women, instead of men], + [planet Earth 11] has superheroes like: Superwoman, Batwoman, + [Superlad?]…instead of Supergirl, + things like that.

Thinking of that:
how did Superman get so unpopular?
Is he too much of a, “clean cut, successful, White guy or a happy guy”, for current comics readers?

Maybe he needs more of an edge. Maybe he needs to tour with the band, “KISS”, Or with Ace Frehely [sp?], or something.

Good comic and very poignant thoughts in the blog. I’m reminded anew of how dangerous and terrifying people as a whole can be. Must have fresh courage every morning

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