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Well here we are again. Did you have a nice weekend? Mine was fine. I didn’t sleep very well, but I did get more cleaning done. Although if you could see my room you might think I haven’t made any progress, but sometimes progress isn’t always easy to identify from a single image. Regardless, I know progress was made. There really isn’t anything else to say I guess. I’ve been focused on things that aren’t interesting to explain.

Anyway, as always, you can support my work via the links above. I hope you have a nice coupe of days, and I will see you on Wednesday.


I think it’s really funny how Thomas is like ‘don’t worry about her *age*, I have a very long list of other things you should be worried about’. They do seem like a fun ship whether or not they work out.

“Although if you could see my room you might think I haven’t made any progress…”

Reminds me of a story:

Seems that the head of a legal firm was known for both his prodigious ability AND his, let’s call it “untidiness.” His office was so stacked with files that he could hardly move around in it. He hired an intern to help him get organized. When she asked him how long he’d been trying to work like this, he said: “well, this is actually an unused office. My actual office is so full that I couldn’t get anything done.”

So if you can stand in the room and take a picture that doesn’t look like you’ve made any progress, you’ve made progress, baby!

I have to admit I’m very curious about Thomas’s side of the story about her overall. I suspect the truth is somewhere in between, though clearly(to me at least) Rulette has some regret about the whole thing.

Heh, makes me hate that I’m too close to 40 for my tastes. Oddly it makes me think about the idiot days when I was these guys’ age… But due to my stress level and behavior apparently I looked to be in my 30s. Which was especially funny given all of my friends and coworkers were in their 30s at the time.

I apparently looked 24 for about 15 years – at least, that was what people would pick when trying to guess my age from I was about 18 till I were in my early 30ties.

I’ve forgotten, why doesn’t Thomas get along with Rulette?
Was it something like: her Dad used to say insulting stuff about Thomas, + Rulette didn’t stop her dad, or something?

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