1817 Mafia Insurance.

I totally thought it was 9 when it was 10.

I had a terrible messed up sleep cycle today. Last night I fell asleep on the floor at, like, nine till 3AM. So then I was up working till 7, then I had two sucky dreams when I went to bed. It was no fun.


I wonder if mike has that nightmare where you wake up with the horse head in his bed. But instead it’s a pink slip

It’s like I’m staring into the horrifying present but instead of books a million it’s a slightly less crappy fictional company with likeable coworkers.

My cat was killed by an angry neighbor with a knife. He did it on the front porch in front of the security camera. 14 year old is in jail for felony trespass, animal abuse, and vandalism.

I’ve had a bad day.

Next time, get a Maine Coon. They’re basically a bobcat with a tail, and sometimes seven toes-the extra 2 of which they can use like opposable thumbs. He could use a knife on the neighbor. I wouldn’t react well if someone did that to my cat.

I have court on Monday. I broke orbital and they will use that to get him probation community service and court mandated counseling. I hope something helps him. The DA decided not to charge me.

Comics are big again? I thought that the comics industry was doing poorly… or maybe it’s just The Big Two that are doing poorly (due to their not knowing how to handle diversity to meet a changing society’s expectations, a lack of congruity between the characters in the movies and the constantly-rebooted comics, outdated business practices that hurt comic book stores and make poor use of the internet, a poor economy, and the fact that webcomics have none of those problems).

You thought it was 9 when it was 10? That’s not so big a deal. Remember there’s a time change a week from Sunday.

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