Depends on work place and relations people have, all I can speak has been my personal experience but I’ve has a subordinate of mine tell me I need to get laid so I’d have something else in mind than pranks, even though I limit them to April 1st. Yeah I do those, and yes my own bosses have been victims(I’m an equal opportunity meanie/evil/bastard/monster). 6 years straight and still employed :D

Exactly. :)

I know some former: soldiers, military police, Marines, special forces-type guys, who are still friends with each other, after their military service.

THEY- can call each other nasty things like: a**hole, d*ck, c*nt, screw up, freak, dummy, ugly sh*t, no balls, a f**k up…and misc., because these guys + people see that kind of “friendly ribbing” as a sign of friendly camaraderie.

(They probably treated each other like this, while they were in the service, as well.)

They like to treat each other like this, + treat each other in more positive ways as well, because they went through the same: [hard times/crap, hard training, + hard…military years], together.

Nobody ELSE should give them this kind of- “friendly ribbing, or friendly insults”, because you’ll get in a LOT of trouble if you do that.

But to these guys- this is just- “just my friends + I, just being good friends”.
Stuff like that. :)

I mean he ain’t wrong. Can’t tell ya how many times a round with the missus or single player mode has helped clear the brain before potentially dumb decisions

Lol, I used to tell the teens I was counseling the four times you make the worst decisions are when you are tired, hungry, angry or horny.

i don’t get the eighty thousand stuff

If you have to explain the joke, then there is no joke. -Joker

Hi Jackie,

The pic of Patty, above, would look great on: cloth patches, stickers, or t-shirts, or misc. items, if you decide to sell merchandise with pictures of [Between Failure’s] people on them!
I might buy some. :D

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