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Went to the doctor for a regular checkup and happened to have an ear ache, so it was good timing. Had an ear infection that was a lot worse than I thought it was at first. Got antibiotics. Blood pressure is still too high. Standard stuff. I thought I was actually doing better because I have been feeling more active and less in pain, but I guess you can be not exactly well and still feel okay. I’m gonna keep doing my healthy lifestyle stuff and hope it slowly avoids the iceberg.

My insurance company is going out of business. They didn’t bother to tell any of us until an month before it happens, so now I’m trying to get that fixed. The knock on effects of the brilliant plan that was Obamacare finally crashed and burned for me. At this point having no insurance isn’t orders of magnitude worse than having it. Plus if I just don’t pay I’ll get better health care in prison.

Anyway, it’s just one more leg of the system failing in the run up to total collapse. I’ll meet you guys in the ruins and we can go hunt politicians for sport. We can all finally experience the true Thunderdome!

I suppose I should push my patreon. Although it might be more useful to ask you guys to send me shelf stable foods for when we’re wandering the wasteland looking for go juice. That and tools for making our road warrior cars and trucks. Even when society falls apart we need an economy…


I believe it’s one of the rules of acquisition information is never free

There are a few potential Rules of Acquisition that can cover that

Rule 54: Free advice is rarely cheap

Rule 74: Knowledge Equals Profit

More and more people are recommending the Gremlins Investment Plan: Canned food and shotguns.

In all seriousness:
for anyone who wants to do the CG + s.guns plan-
Please learn how to properly:…store, open, + use all of your: canned goods, shotguns, weapons, + hunting weapons- before doing The CG + shotguns plan.
Safety first, and all of that. ;)

It’s not just health insurance – it’s all insurance.

Part of the failure is that certain states who implement certain policies (such as anti-abortion and failing to recognize climate change) will see a drastic increase in prices and a loss of insurance completely. Insurance companies don’t want to insure your health or property if you’re going to run into more problems than they can cover (since it’s partly a scam anyway). Look at Florida – they literally have no property insurance anywhere in the state anymore. Or it costs 5x the amount of previous years.

All due to local and state policy.

Kansas is just one of those. If people have to leave the state to get healthcare or your healthcare costs are high, it’s going to cause insurance companies to stop offering insurance in your state.

I don’t live in Kansas & where I do live is liberal as all get out. So…

I thought you were in Kansas, or were at one point. I don’t know why I got that impression.

But yeah, insurance is partly a scam that works best when the costs to cover are lower than the bottom line set by their Board. Places like Florida are losing both property and health insurance because the costs to cover either cut into the profits of the insurance company. Health insurance companies are losing investors primarily because they can’t keep up with the demands for the bottom line. And it’s pure policy in Florida that’s doing it.

It’s the people who run these things and invest in them that are the real problems when we don’t have FREE HEALTHCARE or the government decides not to help the community in a disaster. Once a governor says, “I won’t authorize help to a location hit by flooding that didn’t vote for me,” the insurance companies are going to start leaving the ENTIRE state.

Hi Jackie,
I tried to put a comment on page 2552, today.
The comment is not appearing.
Is my computer not connecting well, to betweenfailures [dot] com, or something?

It’s just an odd thing.

If you mention websites and things, or phrase things in certain ways, the system will flag them as spam. That’s what did it.

Dang. Oops.
Thanks. Yeah- I forgot some, automatic, website’s-security-type programs, do things like that.

Ah well. It’s not the worst thing to happen to me today. :D

Gotta say I thought Mike was in his 30s, that’s what a bit of responsibility does to you. I have this growing feeling that dear Thomas has been a bit of snake for the last few pages, and also Mike a bit too trusting. Well, the former is a manipulative guy so why not.

And on the meta level, why not, “For next bday, instead of Legos, please send pressure canner”.

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