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Reggie probably should know better than to rope in other people into his declarations, but he’s maybe a little swept up in his own momentum. It’s safe to assume that he feels a little guilty about having to let Maddison down and now he’s on the road of overcompensation. It’s also possible that he understands that the animatronics are still part of the draw of the establishment and that if it fails his sister will be out of a job. They tease each other, but she is still his sister and blood is important to the Boothes. So he’s got yet another thing to figure out. At the end of it all it will probably be good for all of them.

What would be good for me, however, is if you decided to support my work via the links above. I can’t think of anything else important to say, so until next time, keep your stick on the ice.


Either he’s going to burn the place down, or be rewarded personally by Alex. Either way should be epic.

Love that he switched from “I can fix it” to “I know the best people to help me.” That is some growth for Reggie.

I am glad you fixed the missing lipstick on Victoria but now I want to see her without it again. It was weirdly different.

I would bet anything that Reggie burns this restaurant to the ground. I love Reggie and his growth as a character but the dude is accident prone

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