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That’s right, I kept this shit in my back pocket for 16 years, just waiting to drop it on you guys. This whole time John, the forgotten main cast member, had all this going on. You know what else is going on? My patreon. Which you can use to support me. Someone who has played the long game & tried harder than most webcomic artists to make sure you have one haven of enjoyment three times a week for a decade and a half, while others just handed out excuses and got heaps of praise.


I don’t see it as a big issue, it’s not like they are actual genetic siblings.
I know for sure my wife had a good go with her step brother at one point.
Yes, some people will get their noses right out of joint over this, for…….”reasons”

If they all lived together so they were established to be like brother and sister, not one or both kids just visiting, it would feel somewhat weird for THAT reason.
Like, for me, Fanny and Edmund marrying in Mansfield Park was creepy because Fanny had basically been raised by Edmund, not so much because of them being cousins.
But it WAS weird how even Reggie (who seems to have a lot of commmon sense) got weirdly defensive for sleeping with his second cousin’s spouse’s sister or someone like that. “Before wedding it was all right, but after wedding it would have been incest!” Whut.

It might be illegal though. Depending on the state, incest is defined as sexual contact between non-married family members. Family members includes those related by marriage or adoption. So yeah, Reggie is probably* right. legal before hand, but not after.

*Most states mark the limitation at first cousins, so second cousins is probably ok.

Actually my wife and I might be 5th cousins. We’ve never cared enough to explore it (which would require DNA testing).

“Might” being the operative word.Family is a _very_ loosely defined word, and in Canada at least jurisdictions generally rely on *explicit* definitions. So marriage law spells out that a person cannot marry a: mother,father,grandmother,grandfather,sister,brother,aunt,uncle,son, or daughter etc…

It’s not helpful to write a law that isn’t precise in its language.

But again, laws are written by people, all of whom are flawed.

*meant to say, incest would need to be defined the same way. Explicitly laying out who cannot have relations.

It depends on the dates. Like, if John’s mom and step-dad got together when the kids were already teenagers, they might have only lived together for a few years. So it might have been more like roommates than siblings. Roommates undergoing profound biological changes, under the influence of powerful hormones they are just learning to deal with.

Agreed. A couple of my classmates from high school had a rather awkward situation. They started dating in our freshman year. Their parents were both already having significant disagreements, and they bonded over this to a certain extent.

At some point during our sophomore year, his mom and her dad and his dad and her mom started talking as well. The two couples finally divorced during our junior year, and then his mom and her dad and her mom and his dad got married the following summer.

The kids had apparently gone all the way early during their junior year.

It was interesting seeing who suddenly thought they were doing something wrong versus who thought their parents did something wrong versus who thought they were all reasonable versus who didn’t want any part of any of it.

All of that said, in this comic, this was a case of a father finding out his daughter was having sex. It’s a classic charged situation which only rarely goes smoothly.

There’s a reason all the XXX rated sites are full of step-fantasies. Be it stepmom/stepson, stepdad/stepdaughter or stepsister(s)/stepbrother.
And that reason is that a LOT of us don’t think it’s a huge deal when it involves a stepfamily, because it’s pure happenstance and you’re not related by blood.

I’ve seen people being in a relationship where their parents are also single and find out that they are also really into each other. And some parents were cool and talked it out and either decided to not ruin the happiness of their kids or they were all on board about it. Others were a bit more egotistical and demanded their kids to break up because they felt they deserved the happiness more. (Which is a total dick move).

There’s a step further which involves cousins… where some folk draw the line and others are like “it’s a grey area: second and third cousins are okay, first cousin is icky”, and THEN you go into the incestuous area where almost everyone is like “Nuh-uh! Red Alert!” where it involves actual siblings or (grand)parents.

So all in all, I don’t think many will view this as a bombshell, and I’m certain that Jo will also ease his mind about any guilt or shame he might feel about it.

I wonder if the porn industry is worried about actual liability though, more than just seeming too “icky”. I mean, they make plenty of “icky” stuff otherwise.

They’re 100% worried about liability. Adding “step” is a relatively recent and mostly universal move, enforced by distributors wanting to avoid liability issues (not that the vast vast majority of it involves even actual step-relationships, but businesses, pornographers or otherwise, don’t want to be even imply that they’re breaking the law)

Ummm… bow chicka bow wow!

On the other hand I think there might need to be context regarding their “relationship.”

This right here. I can think of reasons to object totally unrelated to the step-siblings part. Consent can be a tricky issue, especially if one partner doesn’t feel free to refuse or withdraw consent for whatever reason. It’s also going to be automatically questionable if there’s a significant age difference. Even a couple of years is a much bigger deal for teenagers than for people in their twenties or thirties.
If they’re close in age and experience and it seems to be genuinely mutually consensual, then I’m not sure there’s any reason to really blow up about it.

Nah, take a month or 6 off, then reboot, then another month+ after saying “But this felt good enough to get my juices flowing” (if cryogenically frozen molasses were a ‘juice’ . . .).
I will always be grateful and honored you continue to entertain so many, and so well Jackie.

Thank you.
Long may you run.

Was she also stuck in a front-loading dryer for “reasons”? :D

Yeah, I’ve never been too clear on the whole stepsiblings thing. They’re not related by anything more than law, so it’s like, why not? But there are cultural mores to consider here, though those are little more than mores.

A more interesting question would be if the stepsister was ALSO kicked out of the house. After all, she consented. Or did she play a round of fake rape? Does happen from time to time, so the news media begrudgingly tells me.

I think it’s different if they grew up together, or if they’d only known each other a couple years as older teens or something. Assuming they’re of similar age, then I don’t see a huge problem between them, but it could be a mess socially. I’m as anti-incest as it gets, but even stepsiblings..yeah, not a great idea in general, but I can see it happening. Especially if you leave two horny teens alone together for extended periods of time.

It happened with a couple of my classmates. Her mom married his dad our senior year in high school. Things happened but I doubt the parents ever knew. I don’t think the kids were particularly comfortable with it as they both moved on to other relationships.

I knew a guy who was dating a girl, and his dad was pretty private about his life. So the girl’s mom and his dad started dating like not too long after that, and they kept it secret from everyone (even their kids).

So when we were in the local restaurant where just about everyone goes for pizza in my tiny home town in Nebraska, the dad announced to everyone that he was going to marry the girl’s mother. And there was some awkward silence as well as a very angry son. Skip eight months and the dad/mom decided to break off the engagement out of nowhere.

The guy and I were out having a smoke on the corner of the street near the reception hall when the guy told me he had been literally having sex with the girl for like two years (they were both 19 when he told me this). So his dad not telling him about his affair had made the son so mad that he had threatened to leave with the girl and move to Denver where neither of their parents could find them. The whole eight months were so awkward and full of frustrated shouting that the parents had decided to call it off because their kids were on the verge of boycotting their families.

Nailing your step-whatever seems awkward, but I can’t imagine falling in love with a woman and then finding out suddenly both of your parents were dating and planning to get married. That had to be a whole new level of WTF.

Can’t help but think “like parent, like child” when I come across stories like this

Like you’re just so compatible with someone that even your parents are compatible with each other

My high school had a similar couple, except the parents were open about it, it was both sets of parents, and the kids were actually OK with it. The kids figured everybody would understand that they were a couple first, since they were very clearly a couple in school, including having had a couple of suspensions for PDAs. Also, their parents had been miserable in their original configuration but really seemed happy in the new one.

It was just really awkward because religious people tend to have pretty deep convictions and they don’t always talk about them enough to actually be sure everyone is in agreement on exactly what all those convictions are. These parents and their children were pretty clear on all the points and had discussed it and understood this was OK because it was clearly not one of the situations where it wasn’t.

The rest of the community, on the other hand, was not involved in all of the discussions leading up to the decisions to get married and were totally not in agreement whether it was OK, and if it wasn’t OK, what wasn’t OK about it.

For all the incredible nuance and deep takes on this in the comments, i think the dad would have done that to any dude with his daughter xD

If this action happened in [the Dad’s house], you’re probably right. Some families can get complicated, I think.

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