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I’m so angry right now I know I shouldn’t write anything at all, but at the same time a lot of people tell me they look forward to reading my blog posts. Then again a few people tell me they hate reading them, and yet they keep reading them. Some people say my work helped them through the worst times of their lives, or even saved their lives, and other people say they hate it and me. So I guess it’s all just a wild swing where you have to hope for the best. That being the case I’ll take a swing at getting you to give me money by mentioning patreon. (other services are available) All I know for sure is that death comes for us all, but that’s not nearly as bad as when death decides not to come when it should.


Why u mad bro?
Not to be intrusive, just the first sentence felt like a lead up.

He’s caring for family who (as I gather) are suffering. It’s a really soul destroying place to be in, and he can really use our support if we can give it.

I wish I had more for you than words Jackie.

You’ve got people here who do care about you Jackie, clearly. A lot of us would hear what you have to say. If you need to talk please reach out to one of us.

Something you want to talk about mate?
If it’s not something you can put in a public post, plenty of us are willing to listen without judging privately.

This is just off the cuff, so please ignore this comment, Jackie, if it’s no good-

I do remember some comment-maker complaining that- you said you didn’t like the actions of somebody…some somebody(s) that you didn’t identify…and somebodies that [us, the visitors to your site] will ever identify…because you never gave us any names, or information, about [these somebodies].
And then this comment-maker said something like, “Well, you complained about some people, so now I don’t like you, so there”.

At the risk of my sounding “very rowdy”, or something like that, I’m just gonna say:
Phooey. Please forget what this person, or persons, said.
I think that this person was just acting like a web troll, or was just trying to bug people.
Please just forget + blow off what they said. It’s nothing. Some people on the web just act like jerks, because they think it’s fun. Please ignore them. We like reading your comic. Talk to you later. Cheers.

The funny thing is that Jackie didn’t even really say anything that hasn’t been said by a lot of other artists. And we all know someone like that, so I was like, “Dude, come on – you know everyone has a right to say something like that, because we all know someone like that.” And that person … psssh, to heck with them.

It’s like … deep down, that person knew Jackie didn’t personally attack anyone, but they knew someone like that and projected. It’s weird how when you make a little dig at how the world works and other people have a need to lash out at you because they have issues.

It’s your damn blog, Jackie. Write whatever the hell you feel like writing! Plenty of people want to hear what you have to say, even the more serious stuff, because we care about you (as much as a virtual stranger can). The rest are just jealous little attention seekers.

Hi Jackie.
Please remove this comment, if you’d rather not have it on your site.

Hi fellow readers.

If you live in The USA, please use this site to contact your members of Congress, to tell Congress that you support two proposed laws that are made to- keep [trusts] from happening in some online industries, + a bill that is made to keep trusts from happening, I think- in the companies that make and sell apps.

These are the two proposed, US, laws/bills that I am talking about:

[The Open App Markets Act], and [The American Innovation and Choice Online Act].

Thank You,TRA

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