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Sorry this is so late. I’m running consistently on no sleep with grandpa doing weird shenanigins at all hours. I was doing okay on time but Will Smith Slapped the shit outta Chris Rock and it distracted me for a solid hour at least. I’m much easier to distract when I’m very tired. You should slap the shit outta the patreon join link and slap my bank account with a dollar a month. Of which I’ll actually get, like, 70 cents. HA HA!


I had heard Chris Rock got some fresh prints!

This is just my opinion, but-
unfortunately, this event will likely take [a lot] of attention away from Will Smith’s getting the Best Actor Oscar (award), + it will also take attention away from his film, King Richard.

Getting the Best Actor award is quite the achievement.

(I haven’t seen King Richard, but I’ve heard that it’s very good. For those readers who don’t follow news about, “The Oscars”, Will Smith got the Best Actor Oscar, for his performance in the film, King Richard.)

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