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It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted so late. My body refused to work without sleep & refused to allow me to sleep, until the system finally broke down. It’s probably good that you can’t see my face right now because it’s not looking good. Anyway, I’m just going to check on grandpa and see if maybe I can fall all the way to sleep for at least an hour at some point today.

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Hook reference for the win. That was such a good movie. The ending was weird with a dead crocodile eating hook but what ever. Still a good movie.

It was a taxidermical crocodile that landed on Hook which apparently “killed” him or something? It just felt like a weird and awkward way to off Hook like that. I still find it difficult to believe that he was even dead. Why not cut Hook loose from it?

Aside from that, Hook was a great movie and I also thought the arcade beat-em-up game was pretty good too. Dustin Hoffman made an excellent Hook!

Although I will say Tim Curry was the definitive Captain Hook. Look up Peter Pan and the Pirates. You’ll see what I mean

I like Tim Curry too.
In [a 1980s, TV miniseries?], of Oliver Twist, he played a very scary, + intimidating guy, named Bill Sykes. :)

The clock missed him by THAT much!!!! Tick Tock needed to be dead because Hook was a smelly old pirate…..

…That and I think- the film’s directors didn’t want to upset the kids under 4 or 5, by showing them: Hook getting [eaten + killed] by a LIVE alligator!

[On second thought- censorship in the USA is strange. “To protect the feelings of the young kids”, the TV writers + film writers won’t [kill] any character in cartoons, but the US, TV news channels will talk about anything nasty that is news, like: horrible…accidental deaths, twisted people doing crimes, + scandals with [adult film stars]- anytime they feel like it. Hm.

I admit I got concerned when I came in this morning and saw no update. That was really unlike normal, which just goes to show how reliable you are. Knowing what I knew from the updates, though, I knew not to be too alarmed.

Which just shows you that, in terms of reliability, our boy Jackie is every bit the match for even the best around.

Hey Mr. Jackie, just wanted to let you know I just finished binging all 2447 BF comics (two weeks!), and obviously I like your work. Looking forward to reading in installments going forward, take care.

Glad you enjoyed yourself. How did you end up here?

I’m sorry, I know its valuable information for you to have, but I honestly don’t remember exactly. I had just finished binging Sam & Fuzzy, and BF was in the “Jump To Another Comic” list so I checked it out, I think. I made a big list of comics I wanted to check out and see, and BF was near the top mostly by accident. I try to give new comics an honest try, but quite often I get 30 strips in and go “nope, this isn’t for me”, its very rare for me to see one with that large an archive and make the time commitment to go through it all. But it was/is totally worth it.

I didn’t realize I was still linked over there. That’s interesting to hear. Anyway, as I said, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Thanks for checking out my work.

“Buried into the door of your children’s children’s” “what do you want old man” “Just you Peter Pan”

Gah now I have to watch it again I haven’t seen it in awhile and man it takes me back.

This is totally unrelated:

One of my favorite webcomics, Monsterkind by Taylor C., isn’t on its site, today.

The site that had Monsterkind on it, shows a page that says, “this domain is for sale”.

Is Monsterkind gone for good?

Please, anyone, tell me what you can find out about the Monsterkind comic. I really like Monsterkind.
Thank You. Cheers.

Why don’t you just ask them? They have social media.

Thanks, yeah. I’ll give that a try.

I don’t like saying it, but- I usually stink with machines, like machines that connect to the internet. I’ve gotten used to it, on this site’s comment section, but- I also stink at talking on the web since…**big inhale**, I’m really kind of shy.

I live in dread, very much, that I’ll reach out to a stranger on social media, + then totally [mess up] in front of them. Oh well.
I guess, everyone has to do things + communications that [are difficult, at times]. Such is life, I guess. :)

Don’t forget what the door mouse said, “feed your head’. Take care of yourself. You are the only you you’ve got, and we like you.

“Lookie, lookie. I Got Hookie!”
Not the smartest writing of all times, but a fun semi-family friendly romp(cause tinkerbell needed a “big” … feeling).

The toys cost too damned much now, so just watch reviews and design my own with modeling software.

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