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I couldn’t resist making one of these wait a beat joke pages. Once the idea got in my head I had to do it for me. If you all like it that’s a bonus, but this was for me amusement primarily. Someday, godwilling, years from now, I will laugh so much at this.

What I hope I won’t laugh at is this reminder that you can support my work on Patreon, Subscribestar, and probably other things. Onlyfans, ironically, seems to be trying to branch out into regular people stuff, so once they ditch the adult creators who made their fortunes maybe I’ll do that too. XD


Well, if he’s in a street brawl, sadly- the mime can’t yell, in order to threaten his opponent.

But mimes have those invisible boxes with them everywhere. Those will take some hit points, right?

Heh, heh, heh!
Well, if guess if the mime does their “boxes routine” in a very threatening way, the routine could look like karate, + frighten people away. :)

Many Juggalos are just verbose halfwits with ghetto fashion and grease paint. Mimes are the same, but when your craft involves not running your cock smoker, then you have to greatly compensate elsewhere. Not to mention the old adage of “beware the silent ones”…because they may have something to say to you, with their fists.

I’m a complete sucker for “wait a beat” jokes. Especially when they’re pulled off well with such great facial expressions.

I am hopeful that OnlyFans does break the mold and never ditches their adult creators. Would be a pain for them to find another service /again/

They’ve been hinting at it for well over a year now. The commercials are the biggest red flag in ages.

Didn’t they already try to abandon their adult creators and it failed miserably with lots of negative feedback, right?

Yeah, they’ve been signaling that they want to do it for quite some time. Eventually, once they have enough SFW users they’ll cut the NSFW ones loose.

Honestly, I think they never intended to be known for amateur porn, they simply permitted it, but that was enough to attract them since there are so few alternatives available to them. I feel kinda bad for them; they just want to offer a product people want and, despite that high demand, they get hassled endlessly. Sure, there are problems like revenge porn and the like, but how many people have brain damage due to playing football?

Love it!

I don’t quite get how the timing works… but it worked for me. If I were a little slower it would drag or be incongruous, if I was prone to speeding through it might come off as breathless but since it worked for me, I must have my timing set right for your humor. Oh and glad you got a chuckle out of it

About me: I’m – fairly old. I have always had poor vision (always wore glasses and now I’m legally blind). And I’ve always been a reader, something of a speed reader.
When I was younger, just when anime started to come around, I remember the first several times I read the word ‘anime’ in print. Since it was unfamiliar, I would read it as ‘a mime’ and have to go back and reread as soon as my brain had time to say, “WTF.”
Now, bizarrely to me it seems, when I read ‘mime’ I want to see the word ‘anime’. Time passes, paradigms shift.
Well, thanks for reading. If it was TLDR I don’t blame you.

Ah, these wait-a-beat jokes were my favorite part of 8 Bit Theater, which essentially got me into webcomics entirely. So thanks for the nostalgia.

To be fair to John, mimes have insane body strength and muscular control. A mime versus a juggalo could be a much more balanced fight or even one-sided in the mime’s favor.

But the mental imagery behind the analogy is very understandable as one wouldn’t expect that from a mime from a common knowledge standpoint.

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