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You know, this page made me remember something from really not that long ago. In the early days of the internet expressing anything other than revulsion at the idea of liking larger women was basically presented as a sick fetish. That and larger woman meant anyone with an extra ten pounds more than Olive Oyl.

Just a quick sidebar, I was going to say Karen Carpenter, but I’m not sure people know who she is now, but I expect most people still know who Olive Oyl is. Not important, but there was a choice made that I felt like pointing out.

Anyway, that’s mostly a cultural thing & I’m not gonna debate the health issues that go along with being overweight, but I’m glad things changed over time. Obviously it’s still kind of a thing, but not to the degree it was even a decade ago. You’re still never going to see even someone like Carol as a love interest in a major Hollywood movie, but maybe after I’m dead fat girls will finally have their day. Then, after that, maybe the husky boys. Of course I’ll be long dead by then, but I’ll look down from the clouds like Mufasa & be all “Get some, fatties. Get some.”

Right now, however, I want to get some of your money via patreon, or whatever you choose via the links above. Because monetizing things is a reality we all have to face in these modern times.


Yeah, people with certain body-appearances have it rough, in the USA.

There are also others, who,…whom(?)…,I feel need more time in TV + movies, such as- anyone who looks like they are 40 years old, or older.

We’ve had TV in the USA, for over 70 YEARS, and yet- I rarely see anyone who looks like they are: 50, 60, or older, on talk shows, + such.

I guess certain actors + entertainers are kept off these shows, for looking “too old”.

I’d like most people to think that life doesn’t, end at 40,…do you know what I mean?

I somehow never realized until now that her name is literally just olive oil…

also you got me on the whole “who is karen carpenter” thing, i looked her up, but yah wouldn’t know her at first read

In the old Thimble Theater comics all the characters in her family were named after oil related things: Castor, Cole, Nana (short for banana). Most of the characters are named weirdly really.

Yeah Thimble theater didn’t even have Popeye pop up till later. Who was olive oil’s original boyfriend you may ask? His name was, and I kid you not Ham Gravy.

My brain automatically reading “Get some, fatties. Get some.” in James Earl Jones’ voice ended me.

I would have gone with Twiggy rather than Karen Carpenter, but then I’m old, and they were born within 6 months of each other anyway.

Twiggy would have been a good reference. The youngsters would have probably figured the reference out, just by her name.

I wonder how much of this comic’s demographic remembers Karen Carpenter. I remember her, although I wasn’t much of a fan. Comments from time to time head me to think there is a pretty large over 50 contingent.

Me! I do, I do! She had a very good voice, and was popular, and mental health issues suck. People following fashions in magazines, or trying to emulate stars of the silver screen, and the little screen, and the tiny screen lead to all sorts of bias and mental issues, when IRL doesn’t line up with what’s on the media. Social pressures to conform to one view of reality is not good. But gotta admit, media sells a lot of product. … most of which isn’t good for you. Ie. Research aspartame.

Me, too (but then, I’m 61). Had kind of ambivalent feelings about her – one couldn’t ignore how fine her voice was, but it was not at all my type of music

I remember her, as well. And as I tell the guys at work: you’re free to not like her music, but don’t disrespect her (at least in my presence). It’s not good for your continued health.

I don’t get people who are obnoxious about others’ preferences, yeesh. It’s like getting mad at someone ordering chocolate when you want strawberry. Why make a big deal out of it?

I’m just rambling, but-
There is a film + tv actor, + animation-voice-over actor, named [Mr.] Dom Deluise. [He lived from about 1930s-2009, I think].

In my view, he was larger-in-size than most of the film actors that you see now.
His big time of success was in the 1970s + after.
I like it that he was a film + tv actor, and didn’t look [like all the other men] in tv + films.

He also was- a popular guy, had a lot of friends, had girfriends, + later got married, + was popular w/ his family, + things like that.
I hope that TV + films, + other media platforms get a lot more people, + adults, + kids, that have Dom Deluise’s look.

[Dom Deluise was in Burt Reynold’s, animated film: “All Dogs Go To Heaven”.]

Dom Deluise, Zero Mostel, Fatty Arbuckle, Mae West, Spanky, none of them skinny, or small, but the so much prejudice against the large, the full figured, or the obese, where no comments from society s out their size were needed. Support not shame is wanted, not anyone’s condemnation.

Add Marilyn Monroe to your list. If whe were auditioning for her first role today, she’d be rejected for being to big.

He was n ver the lead.

True, he wasn’t. Not so much.


In the cartoon film…”a Troll in central park”, he played the main character…the troll. He was the protagonist, in Fatso, a dramatic film about a man trying to deal with a weight/health, problem. In the Action + Comedy film, “Hot Stuff”, he was in a duo of heroes, who fought the bad guys.

In my view- he was also a super comedian, + a fantastic character actor.
I like to focus on those parts of Dom’s career, when I think about him. Whichever.

I loved him when he played Captain Chaos in the Cannonball movies, him and Burt Reynolds played off each other so well.

Exactly. :D
He is great, in the Cannonball films. :D
I also like him as, “Tiger”, in the film- American Tail 2.

Oh, Reggie? How do you know that? Has he found out about Carol and Thomas already?

Reggie was there the night they found the missing owner’s bunker. Carol and Thomas were there also and they weren’t particularly stealthy about how they felt about each other.

As such, yes.

I’m personally not attracted to larger women, which some might say is hypocritical since I’m pretty fat myself, but unfortunately I don’t really have control over what I do/don’t find physically attractive or sexually arousing. If I could control that I’d absolutely choose to find all women physically attractive because then I’d have a much broader pool of potential suitors and perhaps I’d be less lonely.

Having said that I know for a fact that plenty of guys (and presumably non-straight women, but I don’t know the preferences of enough lesbians and bisexual women to confidently make that claim, I’m just assuming it to be true) find that body type attractive, and I don’t understand why people act like that isn’t the case. I also hate having to dance around the subject when I try to explain to women what my preferences are to avoid offending anyone when explaining what I do/don’t find attractive (it’s only come up a couple of times, but it still sucks because I don’t want to upset anyone when it’s nothing personal and I’m not making claims about anyone else’s preferences, but when I say “I don’t find you attractive” some people hear “you are unattractive” which is just statistically untrue, everyone is attractive to somebody, the trick is finding someone who both finds you attractive and you find them attractive).

I mean, it’s one thing not to be attracted to someone, hypocritical or otherwise, and another to be mean about it. As long as people are honest and realistic with who they are and both parties are satisfied, I totally agree

Careful Wes; make so much as one fat joke and watch Reggie go Will Smith on your ass

I don’t know, I think lots would Like the result of Will Smith single-handedly making the 2022 academy awards memorable played out here. Till the paperwork at least.

I wouldn’t put it past him, considering how passionate he is about Alex and how much of a slime Wes is, but eh, I hope some day we eventually get an arc where Wes realizes how unoleasant he is, when even Reggie can turn his life around and find happiness.

In all honesty, the Academy had set themselves up for something like this since ’05.

‘Isn’t It Romantic’ starring Rebel Wilson is probably the most current romantic film with an overweight love interest (who also is the protagonist of the film), and while some of the jokes don’t land as well as other films she has been in, it is a romantic comedy worth seeing at least once, as long as you can get past how obvious a lot is, and some stereotypes being lampshaded before and after the initial inversion. ‘Shallow Hal’ in 2001 was the only prior film I remember with a romance with overweight characters being the central highlight, but it aged extremely poorly from the second its trailers launched. Conceptually, certain things like seeing the transfeminine waitress as cis and seeing inner beauty versus inner wickedness could have worked… but it become one long fat joke instead of making the comedy about other things, and focusing the romance and drama around becoming a better person because of the hypnotism. Isn’t it Romantic might have been improved with a couple of weeks to tighten up the script a bit, but it is better than Shallow Hal in that regard at least, and the fact that the main cast of Shallow Hal regret making the movie is better than if they had no regrets about it.

Jay from The Inbetweeners, who starts as an unrepentant asshole with a secret sensitive side, ends up having his hidden depths laid bare after starting a relationship with a sensual red-headed BBW. Sound familiar? That’s exactly what I though

(Obi Won Kenobi) Karen Carpenter … that’s a name I haven’t heard in a very, very long time …(/Obi Won Kenobi)

Seriously though, I grew up with listening to a lot of older music in the 80s so I knew instantly who you were talking about. I had seen her on TV, too, as she and Olivia Newton John were in a news thing about eating disorders. It was kinda sad to see someone who did a lot of good music died from something that most female Hollywood stars went through to stay on top.

Obligatory soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C906lbkcYug

I’m afraid I’m not attracted to the big girls either. However, this has actually helped me out. Hear me: I had a rollercoaster relationship with a lovely, smart, gamine girl who I thought to be the ideal, first a good friend, then a girlfriend, the One — a relationship which ended rather badly (she left me). Afterwards I was filled with longing, heartache, depression, etc while she moved on with alacrity. This lasted me for several years, ugh, until we met again at a party some time later. And … she had turned fat.

The flame that had burned so relentlessly flickered and died, and now I can look back at it with some distance. I never told her though.

I think people forget how different people are, though. Watching old TV and movies, even low budget stuff that certainly wasn’t starring millionaire celebrities, it’s hard to FIND a fat person. Even if they were unattractive otherwise, they weren’t fat. Being fat when you weren’t old or severely ill somehow was just shocking–you pretty much HAD to sit around eating pies all day. Now, it’s hard NOT to get fat–I know from experience, and am not judging. Not just diet and exercise, but our hormones are all fucked up, and no one KNOWS why, though 1000 theories exist. A movement that has reached the point of claiming that no amount of excess weight can possibly be bad for you is not helping either–there’s “BBW” and then there’s “No, sister, I’m seriously scared for your well-being.”

Watch some Jimmy Stewart movies and remember: These people ate butter, lard, red meat, eggs, whole milk, and had probably never heard of gluten or artificial sweeteners. Sometimes I think they should spend more time studying what makes healthy people healthy than what makes sick people sick.

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