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I think it’s safe to say that Thomas has a habit of underestimating people. Or at the very least expecting the worst from them. It’s probably safe to say that every person in the store is aware that Thomas & Carol have feelings for each other even if they don’t know the exact status of their relationship. Even self absorbed Reggie can see flirting for what it is. Most people can spot it when others do it even when they can’t tell when they are being flirted with. A little distance really helps.

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Welp Reggie getting along with Tomas. I think hell just froze over

It’s a New and Different Reggie. Some might even say Improved. So don’t be too surprised.

(Sung to the tune of- “No Sugar Tonight” by The Guess Who):

…Cause it’s the new Lover Reggie taking over!
It is the new (Splendid Reggie) come to call!
It is the new (Lover Reggie) taking over!
He’s gettin’ us all!, He’s gettin’ us all!


The thing is, is Reggie safe to share this info with? I’d like to assume so, but I’m a paranoid person.

Probably because they’re both dating bigger gals, and so they understand how nasty people can be about it? That, and denial just looks suspicious

I think Kitty is referring to the dating a coworker part Especially since Thomas is higher on the corporate ladder,

I thought Carol was higher on the ladder? Isn’t she like front-end manager or something, while Thomas carefully AVOIDS any actual positions of authority (hence getting John the promotion)?

Thomas & Carol are of basically equal status in the chain o’ command. Neither has much direct control over the other. Carol can call floor staff to run register if the need arises though, so it could be argued that she is the 3rd person in the overall command structure. That said Edward has trained as CSM too, so he potentially is on that level but Carol has seniority.

I’ll try to chip in sometime in the future. Keep up the great comics in the meantime, I’m always excited to check in to Megatainment

How much is it that we can’t see flirting when it happens to us, versus refusing to accept the idea that it might be flirting when it happens to us, versus refusing to acknowledge the flirting because that’s not how you “play the game”? Flirting is weird; as we’ve reached a point where people regularly pull up apps to find a bangbuddy for the night, we’ve also become so terrified of rejection or vulnerability that we communicate with the opposite sex entirely in entendres, sarcasm, and hyperbole, so that we can always break things off and claim “it was a joke” or “you misunderstood.” Better not talk, ladies and gentlemen; just get naked with strangers and bump uglies, like civilized people.

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