Alex strikes me as someone who can hold her own to Carol, but willing to let go of the lead so long as things get done. They make for quite an interesting pair.

Hope you feel better soon Jackie! Maybe just do some sketch pages for a week while you recuperate? Everyone needs a break now and then.

Oh, to be the lemur in the middle. They’re fascinating creatures. They have tis long fingerlike appendage that can reach into difficult to reach crevices…..what?

Alex would survive only as long as she continued to amuse Carol. Now, Carol and Evrina? There’s a sparring match that’s worth watching.

I feel like that would end pretty quickly. Evrina can be just as barbed as Carol, but past comics have shown that she can’t take it in kind…

Off topic-
I just tried to see some, “show this thread” messages, on twitter.
It won’t let me see these threads, unless I sign in.
That’s a shame.
For who knows how long- you could read these threads, without singing in to anything.
I really dislike signing into websites.
To me, it feels like the site is saying: [Hi! I’ll be your friend!…But show me 2 forms of ID first.] Man.

Hey Crave, not to pry, but are you capable of taking a week or two off to catch up and get a breath? You pump out content constantly. Maybe a guest week to two could be what the doctor ordered. Hell, even just a fan art week. I’d still come here every day you uploaded.

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