1139 Mentalist.

I am laying on the floor in the teen’s room. we are watching Ferris Beuller’s Day Off. Brown dog is laying here with me, wallowing on me periodically.

the teen had a breakup today and is distracted, which is saying something since she is perpetually distracted by her phone. (Also shiny objects.)

I have not figured out how to get the second player character to save on Borderlands. In spite of this I had fun playing it with the teen. I’m not so sure about her, but whatever. It’s actually an FPS I can stand to play.

Any of you who play Animal Crossing: New Leaf, I’m looking to catalog the Spooky series as fast as possible. If you want to swap items let me know on twitter, or whatever. Twitter has my friend code listed in my profile. You can leave yours here, blah blah, blah…


I’m liking her less and less.

I never liked her in the first place.

We just have to hope Crave has a nice helping of humble pie ready for her.

I made buttermilk pie yesterday. I kind of messed it up, though. I put it 4x as much flour as I was supposed to. I kind of know why, but I’m still kind of bummed about it.

I guess she can have some of that pie, is what I’m saying. Any pie made wrong is probably a very humble pie.

Oh good gravy! Don’t any of you have siblings? This is TAME compared to the smack my brothers and I talk to each other. It doesn’t mean anything, it is banter. It is love. Sheesh.

I agree. Rather than making me hate her, it makes me think that she’s an interesting character. By interesting, I might also mean realistic. (Give or take 20%)

I freely admit that I am the Jess to my brother’s Edward. Despite outward appearances, our relationship is built on teasing in a way that amounts to friendly competition, rather than any sort of antagonism. Punishing a person for not treating their sibling the way they treat other friends or acquaintances is completely ludicrous! It’s a completely different type of relationship that you couldn’t hope to hold to the same standards.

Jess is a really good character. This I am certain of. Her relationship with her brother seems, well, normal and healthy! Ask Ed if he dislikes his sister and I can guarantee he’d say no in a heartbeat.

My siblings and I came within an inch of killing each other over stupid stuff when we were teenagers but you wouldn’t know that by looking at us today.

This sounds much like what my brothers would say about their relationship with me.

Strange how I don’t talk to them anymore if I can help it.

Jessie is awesome, haters gonna hate. Meanwhile, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?! ITS A CLASSIC!

See that’s a BS statement. Like “oh well if you hate this person whose personality clashes with yours and violates your own ideas of what a good person is it’s not because she rubs you wrong really you hate everyone else too because of course that is the only reason you would hate someone I don’t hate. ”

People are more developed than that. Honestly I get that some people may think she is awesome. Me I agree she isn’t a good person she seems to not really care about anyone else’s feelings or desires and is clearly one of those people that thinks anything that happens is never her fault because the other person could say “no” except she pursues and wears them down until they are too tired to say no. This bugs some of us. I think most of the characters on here are people I could hang with but not someone that disregards boundaries and basically flat out says she doesn’t care if a “friend” has a girlfriend she is still going to try and get him into bed and who cares what damage that causes to his life.

couldn’t even make it through the second paragraph. Dude it’s the internet, chill a little bit. All I meant was, I think she’s awesome, and people who talk smack “haters” are gonna talk smack no matter what so you might as well be yourself and enjoy it. No need for a dissertation.

I’m sorry, that was uncalled for. It’s been a long day. I appreciate that your opinions on “haters” differ from mine and I hope in the future we can find something to agree on. The world is so full of a number of things, I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.

Right on. I don’t really like people who behave like that.

Although it certainly makes for a diverse and realistic cast of characters!

Thing is, you couldn’t say for sure whether she takes responsibility for her actions. Why? Because she hasn’t caused a problem yet. At all! She’s remarkably good at keeping her own indulgence from hurting other people, and that’s a quality that goes a long way. Besides, she has been shown to have compassion when necessary!

Also, you COMPLETELY disregarded the fact that she NEVER offered to have sex with Thomas behind his girlfriend’s back once he mentioned he had one. She immediately made it clear that she was open to sleeping with them both at the same time, which, obviously, would require both of their consent. While it seemed like she would have been okay with going behind his girlfriend’s back, which isn’t exactly admirable, true, she never once urged him to do it.

And honestly? If a guy is willing to go sleeping around behind his girlfriend’s back in the first place, the relationship is already doomed. So, yeah.

If you took Ed and subtracted both dignity and repect…yeah, wish i could be like him right now!

She has her own type of dignity. Dignity is essentially self-respect, and you’ve got to admit she has plenty. Maybe she’s more open about certain things than most people, but she goes about it in a way that doesn’t impose on others unless they allow it. She’s got all the dignity in the world!

Plus, though it’s not her strongest suit, she shows respect to many people. That is, everyone but her brother, and there are other reasons for that. She shows respect in a way similar to how Carol and Thomas do. Think about it!

Boss choice in movies.

Jess, stop hating on my man Ed. Short people gotta stick together!

Also, the teen thing… I suddenly really feel like a parent. I mean, my kids help, yeah. But now, it’s like, oh man I am SO glad I’m not there anymore!

For the record, every time you approach a New-U station or save stick, the second player character should be getting saved alongside the first (in separate files, of course). You just have to select the character from the save list when you want to play as them again later.

Heck, my Mom is like that. She can read anyone with just a few cursory questions and a glance of two.

It’s a Mom thing. I think all the good ones can do it — that’s why they make dynamite Judges in the Criminal Courts.

I’d rather face a squad of hardcore detectives in an interrogation than my mother any day of the year.

I don’t flinch or shy away from when a girl tries to hit me. It just doesn’t hurt.

When my mom tries to pinch me, that’s when I am trying to get away!

Moms just know.

If you want to be able to save a second player character you need to make sure that the second player is also signed into a different account on the…. Wait… Which system are you using again?

Oh man, I had the same problem in Borderlands! Really annoying when you start losing all your info! I.. don’t remember if we ever figured that out… -_- I think it has something to do with making sure Player 2 is signed in on another account? Or maybe there was something else?

Google is always your friend I guess.

That’s hilarious in a ‘What horrible logic’ way.

“Don’t tell mother about my shenanigans that I, just a few comics ago, talk about how much fun I have making you walk in on and traumatize you with!”



Sometimes, I think Jess only lives to rank on Ed. This seems to be a quirk more than anything, since she obviously doesn’t need to remind him that she’s superior in every way. No wonder he’s so truculent!


Occupation: Dog wallow. You could do worse.


Thanks. now I have Ben Stein’s voice in my head. Everything I read today will have his deadpan delivery…

You know, I have had Animal Crossing: New Leaf for about a month now, and I have yet to even see one of these radishes that was mentioned earlier.

I haven’t really been paying it much attention, though. I haven’t even played it daily. I did finally get my dream suite up and running, though. Not sure if my town is out in the black, though.

While I can appreciate her want for privacy, and dislike of her brother running to tell mother everything. I definitely would like her more if she was at least responsible. maybe she just needs to be knocked down a few notches. Not in some horrific fashion just something that gets her to do more thinking before she acts.

Personally, I like Jess and her ‘Don’t give a shit if you don’t like it’ attitude. Hell, she’s young, she’s hot, she’s bi-sex, she’s living large and she’s having a ball (pun intended). Just think of all the stories she’ll have to tell when she’s old and gray. Hers will truly be a life well lived and not one of being huddled in the corner wondering what to do. If there’s a little collateral damage along the way, so be it. Life isn’t worth living if you don’t pick up a few scars now and then.

Hardly a ‘don’t give a shit’ attitude when she cares what her mom thinks. It’s starting to seem like she just wants to be a center of attention and when it comes to people who can seriously impede her life, she actually DOES care.

So really, she’s starting to seem more like a kid acting out than an adult that really strives for independence.

Otherwise she wouldn’t depend on her brother so much for food, shelter and money, and worry about what her mom could do to her.

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